Soph & Suz safe from voters.

Today’s Morgan poll is another shocker for the illiberal party and their country cousins, but even a 13.7% swing will not unseat the dynamic duo of Soph and Suz here on the border.

Just what would it take to get these two moved on? A swing of 16.3%  in Indi and a 16.6% in Farrer, neither of which are particularly likely to come about.

Sophie is copping a lot of heat over her husband’s objection to a proposed abattoir in Wangaratta, but whether this issue will have any resonance with people in Wodonga, the other major centre in Indi, is questionable. Sophie’s mystery donation from British American Tobacco at the same time that she was shutting down the tobacco industry in Myrtleford seems to have slipped from everyones mind.

Susan has continued to do what she did in her first term, not very much. The greatest asset that the conservatives have in Farrer is the Albury branch of the ALP, a stale bunch of clichéd stereotypes.

When seats like Kooyong, Higgins and North Sydney are possibly in play it’s depressing to have these two lightweights so firmly entrenched.

3 thoughts on “Soph & Suz safe from voters.

  1. Absolutely! There is nothing about the demographics in either Farrer or Indi that would preclude a serious challenge from Labor if the organisation was there to effect it. Susan is a non-event but Sophie is a serious wacko. Even in the state election, with a campaign that could only be described as ineptly invisible, Labor managed a 4% swing.

  2. Don’t discount ALP candidate Zuvele Leschen’s campaigning ability. I’ve been critical of her as an Alpine councillor over the years but the thing I’ve admired most about Zuvele is her sticking power and electoral nous.

    At the last election she nearly doubled her primary vote and that came about through sheer grass roots face-to-face campaigning.

    Of course it’s much easier to door-knock Myrtleford than the entire Indi electorate but believe me … she’ll try!

  3. I’ll be keeping an eye on Indi once the election proper begins as there’s not much to worry about in Farrer. After this year’s redistribution Farrer will be incredibly hard to win from an incumbent as the travel alone would be too expensive for most candidates.

    Zuvele Leschen has done the hard yards standing up in previous campaigns and should have good name recognition, it may even be better than Sophie’s after her name change last year. The current debacle in Wangaratta (Cattlegate?) can only hurt Sophie and her husband slugging it out in the Border Mail could possibly spread the issue to other areas in the region.

    The reported whispers are that big swings are on in safe seats, but if Sophie goes it will really re-define the idea of a safe seat in Federal politics.

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