The Monthly

I’ve been a fan of the Monthly since it started publication almost three years ago and a subscriber for nearly as long, the quality of the articles is consistently high and I often find myself engrossed in a topic I wouldn’t normally give a second glance. This month’s cover story is one that I’ve been waiting for the media to latch onto for ages, the myth of Peter Costello’s performance as Treasurer.

Ross Gittins is one of the few journos who regularly takes the government to task over its economic porkies, I can only guess that most of the Canberra Press Gallery don’t have the financial understanding to look beyond the latest press release. Costello’s greatest achievement as Treasurer has been to take the credit for any positives in the economy while blaming any shortcomings on whoever is the nearest scapegoat without most people cottoning on. It constantly infuriates me that Costello can celebrate how high wages are under the coalition and then almost in the next breath claim that high wages under Labor would lead to an inflation rate second only to Zimbabwe.

Andrew Charlton’s article in the Monthly picks apart the rhetoric and points out the logical fallacies that Costello has surrounded himself with. It is a timely piece and hopefully will stir some of the Gallery hacks to try writing about something other than opinion polls.

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