If you try to please everybody,

you end up pleasing nobody. In an attempt to remain ‘unwedgable’ Kevin Rudd took his Foreign Affairs spokesman to task over a speech that declared opposition to the death penalty. Apparently it’s still OK to kill terrorists and foreigners.

I consider myself fairly pragmatic and as such one of my biggest gripes with ‘the left’ is the concept of the principled defeat. The idea of putting principals before pragmatism is great when you’re in a minor party or in opposition and it’s also a sure way to stay there rather than forming government.

Labor’s “Let’s be the illiberals circa 1996” election strategy has been working well all year and I’ve been happy to give Kevin Rudd a free pass as this is the first time since 1998 that the ALP has looked serious about winning a federal election. But even I’m beginning to get annoyed with the softly, softly approach that they are taking on every bloody issue.

Robert McClelland was right to point out Howard’s hypocrisy over the death penalty, it’s a barbaric and flawed concept no matter who the offender is or what crime they have committed. Rudd’s smackdown was pathetic politics.

I’m marking July 1 on my calender and hoping that a new government, with a new senate, finally gets to implement some sane policy for our country. Keven Rudd better develop some substance if he wins office or he may suffer a revolt from the people who put him in power, no matter how pragmatic they think they are now.

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