Is anybody bored yet?

I feel like someone who just found out first hand that his favourite super-model is a dud root. After waiting with great anticipation for the election to be called I’m over it already. Both sides seem to be merely continuing the faux campaign that we’ve endured since last December without any new direction to spice it up a bit.

Normally I thrive on political analysis but at the moment it’s just giving me the shits. The Australian media really are letting us down, rather than critically questioning and analysing the statements and claims from both sides they instead act like Jerry Springer trying to inflame conflict between a bunch of attention seekers.

The other thing that has been shown of late is how lazy journos have become. When either leader puts a post on YouTube I don’t consider that newsworthy, I consider it just another press release designed to avoid answering questions about their statement. Our lazy media however sees this as an amazing embrace of web 2.0 and then goes on to mindlessly regurgitate the contents verbatim. Both parties must be loving this new development as it removes them even further from genuine scrutiny.

The ABC can’t even be counted on for decent coverage at the moment because everyone seems to be petrified of being accused of bias. What we are seeing is a dumbing down of reporting  in the name of balance, where news organisations seem to believe that it’s ok to give equivalent weight to stories about each side regardless of the real impact of the content. Kevin Rudd kicking his dog is not the same as John Howard drowning kittens, even if you give them equal time, but that seems to be the message that our media wants to sell to us.

Political news can’t be distilled down to a simple scorecard and any media outlet who’s trying to do so is doing public discourse in Australia a disservice.

One thought on “Is anybody bored yet?

  1. I’m so riveted by it I haven’t yet bothered to put a post up about the election since it was announced. It was more interesting when they were playing the guessing game. Talk about an anti-climax, this election campaign looks like being as interesting as watching Sydney or Adelaide play “send-you-to-sleep” footy.

    I think election night could be pretty interesting stuff though. Watch those seats fall, watch Howard shed a tear (for himself) and listen to Rudd say, “We’ve crossed the bridge too far”. Geezus!

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