On the other side of the fence.

I’m the first one to admit that I enjoy the leftie slant on blogs like Grods, Pollbludger, Possums Pollytics and Larvartus Prodeo, it’s refreshing to connect, if only online, with other people with similar views of the world. With Pollbludger falling in a heap today and LP still at half strength too I went looking for some new blogs to read. Rather than finding more leftie blogs I thought I’d see what supporters of the Coalition were thinking about the election.

I’d never really gone looking through the other side of the blogosphere as I figured I didn’t need the aggrivation. What’s more
I know how frustrating it is putting up with trolls online and didn’t want to find myself playing that role either. However, seeing how certain many ALP supporters are this time around my curiosity about how illiberals would be feeling was too much to overcome. I shouldn’t have worried, because as it turns out the media, polling companies and the ALP are all in a fantastic conspiracy which will be blown apart on polling day as the ‘real Australians’ return the Howard government for anotehr term in office.

In the event that the Rudd led ALP have ‘fooled’ enough voters to win office the following events have been foretold;

  • Within months interest rates will again be at 17%
  • Union thugs will shut down every small business in Australia
  • Everyone will be on welfare
  • Capitalism will be overthrown and Communism enforced
  • Superanuation will be stolen by the unions
  •  The dead will walk the earth and dogs and cats will lay down together (Okay, so I made that one up)

To those of you who regularly read the rightly blogs I salute your intestinal fortitude, I’ll keep to the echo chamber myself.

One thought on “On the other side of the fence.

  1. yeah they really believe that shit don’t they? it’s a delusion worthy of the old DSM IV treatment I reckon, the stink of desperation eminating from these right wing facist stink worms is just nauseating. I wouldn’t be surprised if old tricky lays seige in the lodge when Kevin wins, he probably has been stockpiling provisions and ammunition since the election was called.

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