Not fit to govern.

Politics is a dirty business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Federal election campaign or just jockeying to get the best office at work, people do and say unreasonable things in order to get their own way. A lot of this is dismissed as being just the argy bargy of the game, but there are always lines that should not be crossed. The Liberal party have crossed that line.

The news overnight that members of the Liberal Party have been distributing leaflets linking the ALP with a fake muslim extremist organisation sickens me. That they should do so in an area of Sydney where there is already unrest within the community simply displays that they are more interested in holding on to power than in promoting social harmony.

This isn’t the first appeal to racism that the Liberal Party has tried, to be honest their entire 2001 election campaign was nothing more than an appeal to the lowest common demoninator based on cultivating a fear of outsiders, but it’s certainly one of their most blatant. What more evidence is needed that this is a party that has lost its moral compass, if indeed it ever had one?

Australia has the potential to be one of the greatest nations on earth, but I believe that we do ourselves a disservice every time we engage in divisiveness and hate. That one of our major political parties should be the source of this divisiveness shows that they have abandoned any positive agenda for our nation’s future, that they simply want to be the guys with the big cars and the plush offices. We deserve better.

The Liberal Party is not fit to govern until it works to remove the influence of extreme, hateful groups like the New South Wales right from its membership and rediscovers why Menzies chose the name that he did.

Update: Retiring MP Jackie Kelly, whose husband was one of the people responsible for distributing this flyer, was on AM this morning and described the flyer as “a Chaser style prank” and said that perhaps “union goons” had actually produced the flyer to catch out innocent Liberal party workers. Saturday cannot come soon enough.

4 thoughts on “Not fit to govern.

  1. Rudd has been chastised for running a campaign in the style of the USA. He may have copied the aesthetics, but it has been Howard who stole the ideology. The Bush/Cheney campaigns strove to divide the country. It is one of the most despised aspects of US politics that social issues such as gays, abortion and gun control can be such black and white issues. No one should be forced to choose between or fear the alternatives. Howard has lead Australia down this path. It’s good for winning elections but terrible for the health of the country. Government should not be about winning but rather leading. Our Prime Minister should challenge our thoughts and seek to demonstrate that our potential may well be limitless. Power should be for good rather than being for the sake of it. This most recent example of divisive politics, even if by only a hand full, demonstrates that our society, as led by Howard, has left itself open to such attacks and manipulation. The fact that they thought it would have an effect demonstrates where our society is. I would have hoped that Australia was better than that. It seems that we are not. We need a leader to lift us above this; to make us better.

    Hopefully our next PM, whether it be Rudd or Costello, will have a bit more trouble sleeping at night than Howard for it is, at the end of the day, a matter of conscience and basic human decency.

  2. Jackie Kelly – airhead extraordinaire – has just proven she’s even more vacant than Labor’s Nicole Cornes in S.A. I heard her say she found the flyer “quite humorous”. Fancy trying to excuse it as a prank. As I said … what an airhead!

  3. She also said , “I’ve read the ALLEGED pamphlet.” Maybe she meant, “I’ve allegedly read the pamphlet”?

    That’s all for the moment Dave – I’ve gotta go out and deliver a few “Dear neighbour” letters for Zuvele. Did you know Sophie supports the building of a new mosque in Wang?

  4. yes a decided low point on the campaign trail. Throw it on the pile with all the other reasons never to trust a member of the Liberal party.

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