Not too much to say, alcohol affected; funnily enough. This was what Australia needed, this was what Australia deserved. It is time for decency to make a comeback.

The rodent is gone, whether he holds Bennelong or not, and my kids get to grow up, as I did, seeing the positive influence that progressive politics can have on our society.

Thank-you Australia, Indi and Farrer, not so much.

3 thoughts on “Ruddslide

  1. Great result for Australia, crap result for Indi with only a 7.4% swing – a very disappointing result considering the calibre & candidate of the incumbent. What’s wrong with the people around here? The 2 party preferred was 59 – 41 meaning out of every 10 people I pass on the street tomorrow 6 of them would have voted for Sophie!!! We’re now officially dumber than Queenslanders, who finally woke up to the Howard con job and delivered Rudd with his much deserved win. He’ll be PM for at least 3 terms.

  2. correction “…considering the calibre & CHARACTER of the incumbent”, is what I meant to say (it’s late and like you Dave I’m affected by celebratory substances – liquid variety only.

  3. man, these numb nuts around here would vote for a lump of dog shit as long as it had a blue ribbon on it.

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