Homeless people?

On last night’s 7.30 Report, Kevin Rudd made the hearts of Australia’s lefties flutter when he mentioned dealing with homelessness as a priority for his government.

“When I visited homeless shelters during the campaign the turn away rate for people who presented homeless shelters is horrific. Turn away rates of something like 80 or 90 per cent. Now this is just wrong in a country as wealthy as ours.”

You change the Government, you change the country. I think that Kevin Rudd is going to lose the ‘Howard-lite’ tag pretty quickly as this new Government begins to achieve things in areas that the Liberals wouldn’t even think about, let alone act upon.

2 thoughts on “Homeless people?

  1. You couldn’t help but smile when you watched the 7.30 Report last night. Let’s hope that we see some tangible results from these MP field trips, otherwise the media and doubters will pounce. The way I see it, even if there are no results, the country is already better off for having these issues vocalised by the most important man in the country. Fingers crossed that he will still be trying to make these differences halfway through his second term.

    This is also a clear sign that when it comes to compassion, there is no State /Federal jurisdictions.

    The Rodent is dead. Long live the King.

  2. You know I think John Howard took his policy on homelessness from Rodney Rude “…get home ya homeless c***, go on, f*** off home, what are ya? ya homeless c***, f*** off home” etc. etc.

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