How many votes?

One of my favourite politicians from the Liberal party has to be Christopher Pyne. From his red cordial infused appearances on Lateline, to his refusal to admit that alcohol causes social problems (he does come from SA after all, can’t hurt the Barossa Valley), Mr Pyne has time and again brightened an otherwise dull day.

This week Chris provided more comedy gold by standing for the deputy leadership of the Liberal Party. Inconceivably, the party decided against promoting the Member for Sturt and although we were told that Nelson defeated Turnbull 45 votes to 42, the votes for the deputy’s position were not revealed.

I think we deserve to know how many people in the Liberal party room supported Christopher Pyne’s leadership ambitions, as surely there can be no greater test of their judgement.

Update: According to The Australian Pyne received 18 votes, which either means that almost 21% of Liberal members and senators have a wicked sense of humour, or are completely disconnected from reality.

5 thoughts on “How many votes?

  1. A rejection of the “new generation”? Or did Brendan’s ear ring give him the edge in the “hip” stakes? It looks like Chris will sit on the “pyne” until he grows up.

  2. you know I hope this guy eventually gets the Liberal party leadership ‘cos I can take him off a pisser, the repertoire of my political mimicry is looking pretty thin on the ground after this round of bloodletting.

  3. It’s nice to see the Liberal party’s decimation hasn’t affected Christopher Pyne’s devout faith in cheeses too.

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