Sussan and Sharman get a run in the seconds, Sophie left in the thirds.

While dynamic duo of Sussan Ley and Sharman Stone both made the outer shadow ministry today, the people’s friend, Sophie Mirabella, was only deemed fit to hold a shadow parliamentary secretary’s position. In what must surely be the first evidence that Brendan Nelson has a wicked sense of humour Sophie has been made parliamentary for Local Government. No doubt Sophie will enjoy the opportunity to be more involved with the third tier of government as well as getting the chance to know Warren Truss better. Priceless.

6 thoughts on “Sussan and Sharman get a run in the seconds, Sophie left in the thirds.

  1. Perhaps it was her ‘stenographic skills’ (picked up at law school no doubt) that earned Sophie the role of parliamentary secretary for Local Government, because she certainly doesn’t get on too well with the councils around here.

    After the abattoir fiasco I can just imagine the reception she’d receive bowling up at the Wangaratta City offices:

    Sophie: “Hi, I’m the shadow P/S for Local Government, anything I can help you with?”

    Doug Sharp: “No, fuck off!”

  2. My thoughts exactly Ray. I also can’t imagine Lisa Mahood or Denise Osborne would be lining up to hang out with Sophie.

    By all accounts Sharman Stone’s elevation isn’t too surprising, but I certainly didn’t expect to see Sussan Ley in the shadow ministry. I guess that the rookies have to be blooded at some stage and there’s little alternative when all of your experienced heads have either been defeated or retreated.

  3. Do you think Sophie will be nervous now that she will surely be removed as Chair of the Australian parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, whom just happen to be investigating donations to her election campaign?

  4. I don’t know but she’s getting ahead of herself in this quote from the Border Mail:

    “I am delighted to be able to serve as a senior member of the Coalition team, and look forward to working with Dr Nelson to deliver fresh policy for local government,” Mrs Mirabella said.

    “Local government is at the coal face of service delivery to Australians, and provides many important services to the community.”

    A senior member? It’s a parliamentary secretary’s position, a junior to the junior shadow ministers. God, she’s full of it.

  5. Lee, I’d love to a Sophie implicated in a juicy corruption scandal, but I doubt we’ll see anything come of it. At the moment it doesn’t even look like AWB will be getting another look, so Sophie’s tobacco money is pretty small stuff.

    Ray, considering that the Liberals have more than half of their MHRs and Senators on the front bench now I share your misgivings about Sophie’s seniority.

    I think that Sophie’s problem is that she hates people, she would be much less of an embarrassment as a Senator, if for no other reason than it’s much harder to piss off an entire state as opposed to a single electorate.

  6. oh Denise Osbourne is a really nice lady.
    Dave and Ray have you seen the boredom ale (border mail) has updated it’s website, it now includes a section where local rednecks can add their racist, homophobic, ill thought through and generally victim bashing comments on a whole range of topical issues.
    Should be great.

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