Dave’s rules for life.

I wrote these all down a few months ago so I thought I’d share them with all three of you.

  1.  Buy a smaller house – true friends will never worry about sleeping on the couch and you won’t be tempted to fill it with crap you don’t need.
  2. Eat good quality food – find a really good butcher and fruit & veggie shop, avoid the supermarket.
  3. Never buy a new car with your own money – let someone else take the depreciation hit on your dream car. Honestly, you won’t keep it in showroom condition anyway.
  4. Tell everyone in your house that you love them every day.
  5. Trust everyone in your house, regardless of their age. Without trust you have nothing.
  6. Remember that possessions, no matter how dear, are ‘just stuff’ and can always be replaced. Don’t be reckless with them, but don’t let them interfere with your relationships.
  7. Wear jumpers inside in winter – lower your heating bill and keep your mind sharper.
  8. Listen to more music and less talkback – focus on beauty rather than hate.
  9. Give something back. Join a Service Club, do Clean up Australia Day, door knock for a charity. Make your contribution more than a few spare dollars, make it some of your time; you’ll find that your rewards are greater than what you put in and your community is a better place.
  10. Be skeptical of politicians, salespeople and religious leaders who ask for money or who tell you to distrust or hate someone else.
  11. Don’t be afraid to have faith in something bigger than you – faith is a beautiful gift.
  12. Don’t look for perfection in your life or in your family, work instead for happiness no matter how ramshackle it may be.
  13. Be the person you want others to be, build the community that you want to live in, if you hear yourself say ‘someone should do something about that’ be that someone.
  14. Don’t let work rule your life, no-one at your funeral will care what your last performance report was like.
  15. Remember your manners, it is a sign of respect and you will quickly find that respect repaid.

6 thoughts on “Dave’s rules for life.

  1. 16. Never wtite a blog post when you’re pissed, you’ll end up writing some sanctimonious holier than thou bullshit.

    (sorry Dave, I think they’re great philosophies)

  2. One day when I have my great big old house and a fantastic gate to keep the poor people out, I’ll set aside a room which I’ll call the ‘Revolution’ room because the door won’t stay shut, but not open far enough for there to be a risk of anything of value coming out of it. It will be decorated with a theme, similar to the Mural room in the White House, but decorated with a scene from the fan fiction classic ‘Buffy versus Spock’ painted in kaki hues, and it will have 24 hour wireless high speed internet access, but no heating, so that your razor sharp mind can be dedicated to the truly higher purpose that is World of Warcraft. It will be cheap to run because, although there would be complaints from the squatters, they will be too apathetic to do anything about it and besides, how much can root vegetables, lentils and fruit fallen from the tree costs? That said, be a doll and try not to mess up the carpet whilst you revolt. That would only result in me having to get some other poor, dirty migrant to come in and clean up and they steal stuff, you know.

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