Victorian Government out to destroy Albury’s “Babies for Lesbians” Industry

Under the guise of removing discriminatory laws, the Victorian Government has taken an underhanded swipe at one of Albury’s vital industries, IVF for lesbians. Previously, single women and lesbian couples have been prevented from accessing IVF services in Victoria, a limitation not found in the enlightened health system of New South Wales. This has led to many women from throughout Victoria seeking IVF treatment in the ‘Paris on the Murray’ also known as Albury.

A typical Albury IVF Clinic

Obviously enraged by this loss of the pink health dollar the Victorian government has decided to do a backflip on a health policy that they haven’t given a second thought to since taking office in 1999. This is nothing more than an attempt to further destabilise the Albury economy and undermine the efforts that people have gone to to develop appropriate and convenient IVF clinics for travelling Victorians (see photo above).

This type of attack on Albury’s economy by the Victorian government is nothing new, in fact our fair city is still working to overcome the loss of Victoria’s pensioners and problem gamblers who used to be conveniently bussed up the Hume Freeway to be entertained at our vibrant local clubs (pokie palaces). It was the despicable Kirner government who waged war on Albury in 1991 by introducing pokies to Victoria, thereby destroying the livelihoods of hoteliers, bus drivers and third rate tribute bands in one fell swoop.

It is therefore unsurprising that it is again an anti-business Victorian Labor government, insanely jealous of Albury, which they have no doubt glimpsed with envy from the dog’s breakfast that is Wodonga, that has launched this broadside. I have no doubt that just as Albury fought back in the early nineties by building our own population of problem gamblers, that we will rise to this new challenge by carefully but determinedly building our population of baby craving lesbians.

Screw you Victoria.

2 thoughts on “Victorian Government out to destroy Albury’s “Babies for Lesbians” Industry

  1. I won’t comment on whether lesbians should be getting IVF as a right and bringing kids into the confusing world of having two mums but no dad, but as a general observation it could be said that us guys are slowly but surely on our way to oblivion.

    The next step might be to store up enough frozen sperm to last for several centuries and then improve the genetic engineering so that IVF only produces female babies.

    We could be rid of the male species before this century is out. Oh well, at least that would put an end to war & terrorism!

  2. oh well looks like it’s back to the old back yard insemenators then. Probably couples wanting to access IVF should have to provide their own Paris Hilton home made movie to
    1 prove they are doing it right
    2 prove they aren’t gay
    3 provide an entertaining diversion at the fertility clinic’s end of year christmas party.

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