I’m sick of Democracy

Actually, what I’m sick of is the fact that almost all of the journos in Australia are on holidays so our news is stuffed full of stories about the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary. I generally take an interest in US politics, but by the time it’s been dumbed down for Australian news media all of the nuance is gone and the story is essentially pointless. We’d be better served if snippets of West Wing were fed out at regular intervals rather than the crap being served up.

Just in case you’ve missed it all, here’s a quick re-cap of  US politics. Obama is Black, Hilary is a woman, John Edwards is neither, but seems vaguely familiar. Huckabee has a funny last name, Mitt Romney has two funny names and John McCain and Fred Thompsen are ageing before our very eyes. Well, that’s the Oz media take anyhow.

Although  I don’t think that the US primary process is quite right, mainly due to some historical quirks, I do like the way it opens pre-selections to voters rather than apparatchiks. Imagine all the dead wood that could be removed from our parliaments if interested voters, who aren’t inclined to join a political party, had a say on their preferred candidates. Naturally this means that it is unlikely to happen here, as the king-makers in the major political parties prefer fewer people to convince, cajole or corrupt in order to see their choice accepted.

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