It’s hot

It is so damn hot here at the moment. Each year a relentless heat visits this area and each year I am once again surprised at its ferocity. If I hear one more person extol the virtues of it being a ‘dry heat’ I will feel compelled to ask them to explain how their personal lagoon of perspiration fits into the definition of dry.

Thankfully the Dave from Albury clan avoided the worst of what this summer has so far offered by escaping north for a few weeks, but the curse of gainful employment has bought us back to a reminder of why our family will not visit between November and March. One of the few things about the heat that I like is the bleating from Melbournites, apparently fourty one degree days don’t fit nicely into their ‘four seasons in one day’ narrative.

Thankfully the news is still full of sport and stupid summer filler rather than fire reports, but I doubt it will be long before some nut bag decides to defy logic and light up a nearby paddock or national park.  Fire season is strange when you live in a larger rural town, you know that there are people nearby who are being directly affected, but your own home is under no threat. I guess it’s like a mild case of survivor’s guilt, the upside being that there never seems to be a lack of people willing to help those who have suffered a loss.

The other thing that infuriates me about summer is business attire. There is something particularly stupid about turning up the air-conditioning in a building so that people can continue to wear suits and ties when outside the temperature is climbing. It wasn’t always this way, I remember as a kid seeing the tailored shorts and long socks appearing in all of the stores around town, but ubiquitous air-con and a self inflated sense of self importance put an end to that some time in the 80’s. There’s no more galling example of this than the debacle surrounding the air-conditioning at the UN climate change summit in Bali last month, if people aren’t going to change their ways even a little bit then it will take a very nasty shock to shake them out of their complacency.

Now go close your curtains.

5 thoughts on “It’s hot

  1. Yes, those bermuda shorts and long white socks were a great look, bring them back. They looked particularly dashing combined with sandals and a safari jacket, those were the days. I’d rather swelter than be caught dead in that garb but fortunately my ‘job’ thesedays allows me to wear whatever I like (within the bounds of decency of course).

  2. Gaukroger – what would you know about wearing a tie to work? Our air con isn’t working today and the weather today is a bitch – hot and humid. Working during summer sucks…

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