‘Wouldn’t have happened in our day’

Andrew Robb, the opposition spokesman on Foreign Affairs, has got to work today by carping about proposed budget cuts to DFAT. According to Robb, any reduction in the number of staff at DFAT will lead to a reduction in our ability to help Australian citizens who are overseas. I can only wonder what Mamdouh Habib thinks about the quality of DFAT’s assistance when it was being overseen by Messrs Downer and Howard.

3 thoughts on “‘Wouldn’t have happened in our day’

  1. All the focus has been on the ALP learning the ropes of government, but there really is an art to being a successful opposition that takes a lot longer to learn. Robb is following the NSW Libs play book of whinging about everything. Obviously he thinks it’s been working for them.

    I could never work out if Robb was as dumb as a post or had sold his soul to the devil. Added to the fact that the Devil has been evicted, the current evidence points to the former being the case.

  2. I would have liked it to be post graduate, but the former federal government ransacked the higher education sector, removing the possibility of whinging sooks like myself from ever joining the ranks of the cultural and political elite.

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