One of the wonders of the internet is Craigslist. What started out as one person’s email list letting his friends know what was going on in their local area has turned into the world’s biggest classifieds. Craigslist has everything from junk, to jobs, personal ads seeking varying degrees of commitment, real estate and almost anything else you can imagine. The Best of Craigslist section contains things from all over the site, invariably funny and often filled with the frustrations of dealing with other people. As anyone who has ever held a garage sale or tried to sell something in the classifieds will know, there is no limit to the strange and stupid things that people can ask you, so via Daring Fireball I present to you a Craigslist seller who has obviously had enough.

Edit: I have tried unsuccessfully to load the image on this page, but the fixed column width of wordpress has defeated me. Just click the last link.

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