Tony Abbott Carps Again

We haven’t even finished the first sitting week of the new Parliament and already we’ve been treated to Tony Abbott bleating about his pay. As you may recall Tony has already complained that losing the election has left him with a pay cut, and this week Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has added insult to injury by suggesting that Parliamentarians go without a pay increase this year.

Those of you who are not Parliamentarians may be unfamiliar with the way politicians’ salaries are determined, so the short version is this, every July the Remuneration Tribunal awards MPs and Senators a pay rise, which is higher than the inflation rate. The members of the Liberal Party then spend the next 12 months arguing why ordinary wage earners are not entitled to cost of living increases in their pay packets, but that’s a side issue. So the pollies have a guaranteed pay rise every year, an unknown concept for many employees, but our new PM has decided to forego this for 2008 as a gesture of restraint.

Tony’s not happy, and he’s saying so, but to be fair their are plenty of people on both sides of the house who are unhappy about the wage freeze. Some Labor MPs are complaining that freezing the PM’s pocket money when his wife is a multimillionaire is hardly a great sacrifice, while an unnamed Liberal MP has said “Keep this up and you’ll fill the Parliament up with millionaires, creeps and drongoes,”.

Yeah, that would be awful…

4 thoughts on “Tony Abbott Carps Again

  1. Subtle arrangement of the photos, Dave. They’re all in the right order:

    Millionaire = Turnbull
    Creep = Mirabella
    Drongo = Tuckey

    Did I break the code?

  2. the drongo is actually a very nice bird, no resemblance whatsoever to the faecal matter depicted in pannel number three.

  3. I don’t mind Turnbull, well compared to the crazies that make up so much of his party anyway, but to argue that the present rate of pay for politicians has provided us with a cornucopia of talent on each side of the House is simply untrue.

    I wanted to make sure the arrangement was nice and simple Ray, I’d hate anyone to mistakenly think I believed Mrs Mirabella to be a millionaire.

  4. Ms Mirabella’s property, when the new abattoir is built, should be worth … oh, about $50,000. Gee, bad luck Sophie.

    As for MP salaries, I reckon we should be paying them the same as most company CEOs, about $3 – $10 million. Then we’d attract really great politicians, blokes who could really run the country, like Michael King from MFS and the CEOs of most banks.

    What a wonderful country we’d then have. The havealots and the haveabsolutelyfuckalls.

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