Bloggy Nonsense.

It’s Meme time. I’ve been tagged by Ray Dixon from Alpine Opinion, Ray noted that it would give me something to moan about and he’s right. I hate chain letters, stupid email forwards (especially hoaxes that were debunked in the late ’90s) and this meme crap falls into the same category in my book. I hate being compelled to do stuff and I also hate the fact that all three people likely to read this have already been tagged already.

Nonetheless I’m playing along. Here’s the deal.

1. List the rules.
2. List three reasons why I blog.
3. Tag 3 others.

Having fulfilled the first part of exercise, let’s move on to number two.

The first reason that I started blogging is because there was no other blog or site where I felt like becoming a regular. Although there are plenty of blogs that I enjoy none of them consistently lend themselves to things I want to comment about.

Secondly, because I work from home, blogging is my water cooler talk. In addition to this, She Who Must Be Obeyed (SWMBO) has banned me from sharing political insights with our four year old son. Apparently she’s concerned about what he might say at Pre School.

Finally, like most bloggers I’m a vain little creature. I believe that it is simply a matter of time before a major media outlet offers me oodles of cash for the right to distribute my thoughts to a wider audience, I mean if Annabel Crabb can hold down a job, how hard can it be?

I’m going to tag Miss Andrea, William Bowe and Possum Comitatus.

Job’s done, I’ve participated in the blogging fraternity and it was much less painful than I imagined it would be. One final thing, Greg from King Valley Watchdog has requested the assistance of you, gentle readers, to help him interpret a dream. Knock yourselves out.

With that, I return you to your regularly scheduled anti conservative whinging.

2 thoughts on “Bloggy Nonsense.

  1. It’s weird isn’t it? Have you noticed how nearly everyone moans about being tagged but they all still go along with it? (except Wah, he’s a recalcitrant).

    It reminds me of when I was at school and we all swore our allegiance to the Queen and sang the British national anthem every Monday morning at assembly, even though I never believed in it. If you didn’t do it you were hauled out to the front of the assembly, humiliated and assaulted with a leather strap.

    Not wanting to be out-of-step with your peers is a big motivator – unless your name is Sophie Mirabella, a brainless nobody who just wants to draw attention to herself.

  2. Working from home eh? I haven’t been able to figure out how to get on such a gravy train myself as yet. Mind you, I need the daily bicycle commute to keep the ever expanding waistline at bay.

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