Pontius Pilate kinda sorry after the fact.

Albury City Council comprehensively sold out residents of East Albury over three years ago when then Mayor Patricia Gould signed a letter of support that called for the Hume Freeway to be built through the middle of Albury, rather than around it as had been approved by the Federal Transport Minister John Anderson. Now to the utter amazement of the Councillors who so adamantly supported the Internal Freeway it turns out that it’s a piece of shit with insufficient noise mitigation, poor access to Albury and poor landscaping.

Tonight the Council voted unanimously to press the RTA to finish the Freeway construction properly, while at the same time washing their hands of any responsibility. Unfortunately for residents affected by the constant drone of the Freeway in their homes, Councillor Gould’s main concern was the lack of a ‘Welcome to Albury’ sign and the amount of litter on the roadside. Thanks for your concern Patsie.

Right now the RTA is dragging its heels on releasing the noise monitoring results, while independent tests have shown that noise levels are exceeding the mandated maximum by 10-20 dB. This puts the noise levels beyond the range of simple annoyance and into the range where it can lead to adverse health effects. Hopefully Councillor Gould can explain how signage and litter removal will lead to better health outcomes.

13 thoughts on “Pontius Pilate kinda sorry after the fact.

  1. The external bypass was always the best option in my opinion. What possessed them to put it through residential areas? Was it a fear that the city would be “bypassed” and therefore suffer economically? If that was the reasoning then it was a ‘fear based’ decision, which are usually wrong ones.

    Albury is a big place with sufficient commerce and drawing power and does not need to rely on having Australia’s busiest freeway running through it to survive. Wodonga is the big winner out of this and it’s showing – look at how many people are opting to move/build over there.

    Ooops, I shouldn’t talk up ‘donga to an Alburyite I guess. Sorry.

  2. What the fuck sort of bypass goes through a town? Defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

    All councils are shit! My local council was the last one in Victoria to go from the Kennett-era CEOs to an elected council. It was better under the CEOs becuase the right decisions were made on merit rather than on th whims of mostly grossly unqualified people with their own agandas.
    I like democracy, but I reckon the state and dederal government can provide enough checks and balances.

  3. There are a lot of business owners who actively supported putting the freeway through the city who are now crying poor. Apparently it’s too hard to figure out which exit to take so people simply aren’t stopping. The loudest complainers are the businesses in Lavington who now get no highway trade, but who thought that everyone in Wodonga would have been dying to shop out there, funnily enough this hasn’t been the case.

    Ironically, had the freway gone external the Albury exit would have been out near Ettamogah and anyone coming into Albury would have still travelled through Lavington. Oddly enough I have very little sympathy for the former advocates of the internal route who are now complaining about its effect on them.

  4. We were over in Albury today and what struck me was the chaos around the Borella Road bridge. Too many stpos & starts. I nearly ran up the arse of the car in front.

  5. The Borella Rd Interchange is a mess, largely because there are only two west bound lanes, meaning that one of them has to double as a turning lane, thereby holding up traffic. It usually takes longer to get from the Borella Rd Interchange to Dean St than it does to get from Wodonga to the Interchange. None of the others are much better, East St has confusing lights, meaning people often run the red they are at because they see the green further ahead, while the Racecourse Rd and Thurgoona Drive exits have no lights and poor visibility, they are accidents waiting to happen.

    All of this was pointed out to the RTA, but they are refusing to acknowledge any problems.

  6. My impression is the freeway has created an even bigger divide in living conditions and, subsequently, property values in Albury. Those who live west and well away from the freeway are now even more better off than those on the east. If I were looking for a property in Albury to live in, I’d be staying well away from the freeway side.

    It reminds me of when the SE “Freeway” was first built in Melbourne in 1970. It only ran from the Hoddle Street/Punt Road bridge in Richmond to the leafy suburb of Toorak (naturally) but they put it on the (then working class) Richmond side of the Yarra.

    The long term social impacts of this misguided decision could be quite significant for Alburyites – until it becomes trendy to live on the “east side”.

  7. East Albury is doing OK in general, we’re still a lot better off in the perception stakes than anywhere past North St. The irony is that heaps of development is happening on this side of town, while they are almost out of land to the west, this will only exacerbate the problems on the Borella Rd interchange. On the rare occasions that I need to go into town when most people are on their way to work I am gob-smacked by how bad that interchange is, working from home does come with some benefits.

  8. It sure does, it means I get to avoid ‘peak hour’ in Bright, which can be so busy sometimes you have to stop at the roundabout to let a couple of cars through.

    So “Lavies’s” not the go over there I take it?

  9. oh Borella road is just shitty now with the lights and the roundabout, it’s a circus.
    It always was a lousy road but it’s worse now.
    Area snobbery in Albury always amuses me no end, East Albury is hardly Toorak, Ivanhoe or South Yarra for that matter is it?
    It’s like Hapeney look down on Tuppence as far as I’m concerned.
    Albury simply isn’t a large enough town to have “snob” areas, and even in places there are two or three expensive properties shoulder to shoulder, the town planners had the forethought to ensure that there’s a housing commission area never further than a kilometre or so away.
    It’s good that way, it keeps areas from becoming too ghetto like and keeps the toffs from becoming to insular and up themselves.

  10. Albury simply isn’t a large enough town to have “snob” areas

    Try running that argument past anyone who lives in Forrest Hill.

    On the whole Albury is one of the best integrated towns I have ever lived in, your observation about no ghettos is mostly right. The exception to this is one or two areas in Lavington where entire blocks have nothing but units on them and seem largely derelict.

  11. Over here in Hicksville Bright, we’ve got a “snob area”, or at least it is in some people’s minds.

    It’s the old golf course estate on the north side of the town & river. It runs off “Toorak Road”, now that gives you a clue.

    One of our local “identities”, a “lady” who shall remain nameless but who has a propensity to jump on the bandwagon of evry popular cause like “save the trees” & “saveBrightfrom Coles” and who gets around town sometimes in an old horse & buggy (literally) and whose surname (well her current surname, she’s been married a few times) rhymes with “Jelly”, allegedly puts out invitations to all her neighbours each year around Christmas to come and join them in the “NORTH SHORE” christmas bash.

    I kid you not. I’m not sure how many wankers actually accept these up yourself invitations but believe me there ain’t nothing special about the “NORTH SHORE” of Bright anyway. She’d be a Liberal voter for “shore”.

  12. Ah yes, it’s the “gateway” to “Beautiful Bright”. In fact I wanted to put a slogan on our advertising “First on the right as you enter Bright” but Leanne wouldn’t let me. Bloody leftist woman!

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