Vale Farmer

Those of you who have the Border Mail as your local paper may have seen a story yesterday about a young man who died in a car crash over the weekend. Callum McDonald, or ‘Farmer’ as he was better known was a member of the Apex Club of Corowa and although I’d only met him a few times he had impressed me with his easy going nature and the fact that he had decided to give up his own free time to help improve his community. Because Apexians are obliged to retire from the organisation once they reach forty five attending funerals for our members isn’t something that we’re used to doing. It’s never easy burying young people, it seems such a waste, and I know that the members of Corowa Apex are taking Farmer’s death quite hard, they’ve lost not just a fellow member but a mate.

I cannot begin to imagine how this must be affecting his family, I just hope that they can find some solace in this difficult time.