Where does that rubbish go?

Buster Boy, aged four, climbed over my shoulder a minute ago and looked at the Trash icon on my Mac’s dock.

“It’s empty” he observed, “Dad, where does the rubbish from that bin go?”

Why can’t my children be normal and ask questions about where babies come from?

8 thoughts on “Where does that rubbish go?

  1. /dev/null effectively. Or you could just tell him that the files are still there, it’s just that any record of them existing has been removed so you cant find them, sort of like getting renditioned by the CIA.

  2. True, and I guess at four years old he probably wouldn’t get the CIA joke. Explaining about waterboarding might make bath time a challenge.

  3. you know there’s nothing wrong with just saying to children you don’t know, it’s more honest than telling them the Great Wall of China was built to keep the rabbits out for instance.

  4. well you’re one up on me mate because I’d have no idea whatsoever.
    Anyway I’m sure he’s forgotten about it by now and is busily coming up wit some nano-technology or quantum physics question to stump you with.

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