Diesel fumes are bad, m’kay.

Fairfax, owner of the Internal Freeway boosting Border Mail, are carrying reports of a new Danish study which has shown that particles found in diesel fumes can lead to changes in brain activity which closely resemble stress.

the result appears to be another black mark for nanoparticles found in traffic fumes, which have already been linked with increased rates of respiratory and cardiovascular disease.

We should probably try to get as many trucks as possible away from residential areas then…..

2 thoughts on “Diesel fumes are bad, m’kay.

  1. no, you’re not having a meltdown in frustration at the corrupt partisan incompetence of the local council, it’s all the diesel fumes that make you THINK they’re not doing an excellent job.

  2. Diesel fumes are a real trigger for asthmatics (I know!) as they carry particles of dust, pollen and other microbes that when inhaled set off the reactions. It can be dangerous for me to get stuck behind one on the road. Sometimes I have to pull over but usually I just “burn them off” and overtake them! Buses … ohhhhhh

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