Sisterly love at the GP

One of the supposed highlights of Formula One is the prevalence of celebrities who attend the race as guests of the teams and their sponsors. Why these generally wealthy individuals need free tickets to an event like this has always eluded this simple punter, who has on a number of occasions paid plenty of money to get either drenched or sunburnt in the temporary stands at Albert Park.

Of these freebie seeking celebs one little Aussie has taken the GP mooch to new heights, our very own Dannii Minogue. Dannii and Jacques
Dannii made herself a regular part of the BAR Honda Pit in the late 90’s and early 2000’s courtesy of her then fiancé Jacques Villenueve. Dannii’s effect on Jacques’ career are well documented and even their eventual separation couldn’t resuscitate the former World Champion’s chances in F1.

Somehow, however, Dannii’s association with the Honda race team hasn’t been terminated with the same brutality that Jacques was and she continues to find herself as a guest of theirs in the GP Paddock. I can only imagine that Craig Pollock is sitting somewhere in the world, desperate for someone from Honda to return his calls, so that he can warn them about the Dannii effect on the race team.

But this isn’t the main reason for my post today. I wanted to touch once again on the sisterly love that has been so well documented between the Minogue sisters. During yesterday’s telecast of the Formula One, one of Channel Ten’s intrepid reporters tracked down Dannii and went through the normal nonsense that these encounters are made up of, “Are you enjoying yourself?”, “How much do you love Melbourne” and the obligatory “So what are you doing at the moment?”.

Dannii, however, has since the beginning of her career always had to deal with an additional question to deal with “What’s Kylie up to at the moment?”. Yesterday Dannii told the reporter all about Kylie’s new found love for F1, which had been developed due to her own involvement, and finished up with this pearler (I’m paraphrasing) “But I don’t think that she’d be up at four in the morning watching from London.”

It turns out Dannii was right, Kylie wasn’t sitting at home in London watching the GP. She was a little further up pit lane with the Red Bull Racing team.

Ah, sisterly love. Nice to see that they keep in touch.

10 thoughts on “Sisterly love at the GP

  1. Classic! I heard the inane chatter with DM, but the coverage failed to hold my attention long enough to note the appearance of the elder sister just down the road. I watched the first lap up until the safety car came out (so 20 seconds), the replays of the traditional first corner/lap shenanigans, then I went and did other things.

  2. It was one of those off hand things that usually doesn’t register. It wasn’t until I saw the Kylie picture in the SMH this morning that the hilarity of Dannii’s comments really registered.

    I’d also like to give a big hand to MrsDave for actually reading my blog for a change and also coming up with a better gag than me on her first comment.

  3. The grand prix was on yesterday? Gee, I missed it. What a riveting event.

    (Sorry Dave, I’m an anti-petrolhead freak and grand prixes and all motor ‘sports’ bore me to death. We need a ‘le Tour de Victoria’ cycling race much more than we need this waste of space, clean air and money)

  4. Ray, if you had come out and professed your love of motor sport I would have fallen off my chair and sent an email to the Curmudgeon branch of the International Association of Grumpy Old Men asking that your membership be reviewed.

  5. Or to the “COTM” telling them I’ve become a redneck too.

    BTW, I haven’t quite joined the seniors-set just yet and I intend to avoid and resist the usual trappings of old age with all my might. For instance:

    (1) I REFUSE to become a grey nomad and travel around Australia towing a van or driving a Winnebago, we’ll stay in motels!

    (2) I REFUSE to have my teeth removed, I’ll just ‘go gummy’

    (3) I REFUSE to become a Liberal or National Party voter , but that Pauline Hansen is starting to make a lot of sense to me. Most of all though,

    (4) I REFUSE to buy old fart nappies. I’ll just let it drop where it may.

    Geezus, I’m not much over 50!

  6. You don’t have to be elderly to be a Grumpy Old Man Ray. Hell, it’s something I aspire to myself. My biggest fear about global warming is that I may not be able to squirt kids with a hose while yelling “Get off my lawn!” due to water restrictions.

  7. I’ve known people who were “old” before they were 40. You know the type, they’re already planning for retirement and buying up their burial plot and, oh yeah, investing in a ‘time share’ at Lake Mulwala.

  8. Dannii Minogue, is the Princess Margaret of entertainment. I’d tap her though.
    Good on her for getting out there. It shows she actually has an interest in F1 and wasn’t just tagging along with Jaques at the time.
    Shame he never reached his full potential in F1.’
    Lewis Hamilton is getting $1million a race! Imagine the taps he’ll pull. Good to see he hit the piss after the race too.

    Ray, you’re sounding like a shiela – like when you turn on the cricket there will always be a woman who’ll say: “Oh no, not the cricket, it’s boring” – to which I usually reply, bad luck, why don’t you fuck off and knit or something.

  9. Ray can’t knit. All of the knitting needles in Bright have been bought by the Save Bright Action Group to stick into little hand made dolls which bear a striking resemblance to Ray. That’s the real reason that they need another $7,500, it has nothing to do with VCAT.

    How’s your back cobber?

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