I’m not sure if you heard

Apparently Arthur C. Clarke died overnight. I’m having some trouble verifying that because there’s nothing about it on the internet at all. Nope, not a single news site or blog. Nothing.

Seriously though, it is sad news for lovers of science fiction. Clarke, like Asimov, was a real visionary who mixed an impressive knowledge of hard science with well written fiction. He is obviously best known for 2001: A Space Odyssey, which he developed with Stanley Kubrick, but he had a large catalogue of fiction and non-fiction writing. I somehow doubt that the passing of Dan Brown will raise the same outpouring of grief.

17 thoughts on “I’m not sure if you heard

  1. It’s been on ABC News and on their “The world today” segment, so it might be on abc’s website. Didn’t he have some, er, ‘unsavoury’ allegations made against him over his, er, activities in Thailand or somewhere like that? I seem to recall that.

  2. It appears that I suck at sarcasm.

    It was Sri Lanka. He was cleared of all allegations, the newspaper who published the story apologised and he received his knighthood.

    He moved to Sri Lanka in 1956, three years after his marriage failed. Sri Lanka is hardly the centre of the literary or scientific world, but apparently he was a very keen scuba diver.

  3. I need to remember that not everyone has the same daily reading list as me. Of the 50 or so subscriptions in my RSS reader there were easily more than 30 ACC posts and not one of the sites or blogs are Sci-fi related.

  4. Neeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. Dave’s a nerd. By the way, Sri Lanka has made many fine contributions to the world of high culture – the land that Kipling called Eden has given us celebrity chef Geoff Janzz, everyone’s favourite garden gnome, Jamie Durie, and the timeless Denise ‘Ding Dong’ Drysdale!

  5. Hey Lee, I just realised that jokes like that work better in your kitchen than on the internet.

    *note to self. Borrow a dictionary and learn the meaning of context.

  6. I was saddened to hear of his death. His “mysteries” show was great. Was always a treat when you chanced upon it on a Sunday afternoon – that and one Leonard Nimoy hosted.

    It’s a shame that those accusations will always hang over him, despite there being no foundation to them. Hopefully he’ll be remembered for the true visonary and genius he was.

    Am I right in remembering that Prince Charles stuck his neck out to defend Clarke over those ellgations?

  7. If I remember correctly, Prince Charles wanted to go ahead with the knighthood in spite of the bad press, but Clarke insisted that it be delayed until the matter was dealt with to avoid potential embarrassment for HRH. Gentlemanly behaviour by both really.

  8. I like Sri Lankans, they’re so much more polite than some other people from the sub continent.

    I find Indians are just as polite and we get plenty of both nationalities wanting accommodation up here in Bright. Unfortunately though our units are self contained and most people cook their own meals. I do not discriminate between guests but there are some dishes that you just have to say NO to.

  9. I love Sri Lankan and Indian food, but you’re right – the smell does linger. We had the same problem with the shared kitchens at college and dried fish. I’m sure it tasted great, but boy, did it stink.

  10. Ray, the politeness comment was an ‘in joke’ with Lee.

    The worst food smell that I’ve ever come across was a fermented Korean cabbage dish that was made by some of the other boarders at a house I stayed in. They’d asked the owner if she was happy for them to use the kitchen which she agreed to without a thought. A few weeks later the results of the cooking session started to permeate throughout the house from the Koreans room. It took weeks for the smell to leave the house.

  11. Bake banana muffins in the smelly room the next day – it does wonders.

    I’m going through a curry phase at the moment and the smell does linger. Ray, how do you tell people not to cook certain foods? Do you see a woman get out of her car dressed in a sari and say: “Oi Hindi chick! No curry!”

  12. No, that wouldn’t work. You have to be, er, … more discerning than that.

    Still, you can’t always pick who is going to create a problem and who is not. I once took this ‘great’ booking that Leanne still reminds me of. It was a brother & sister who were a bit, well, …simple. They stayed for a week over a year ago and Leanne claims she can still smell them every time she goes in that unit. It’s like that Seinfeld episode when ‘the odour’ got in the car and wouldn’t leave – it’s a “living thing”.

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