Stamping out decency.

In news that will no doubt hearten Sophie Mirabella, one of her parliamentary colleagues who she dubbed a “political terrorist” for speaking out against imprisoning refugee children looks to be facing another pre-selection challenge. Petro Georgiou, the member for Kooyong, survived a preselection challenge by former Howard and Downer advisor Josh Frydenberg before the last election after all of the Liberal party factions fell in line to support their sitting member. However, with the weight of government no longer on their shoulders, it appears that the Liberals now have more time for internal bickering and Frydenberg looks to have the support of the Costello-Kroger faction this time around.

I’m not quite sure how replacing one of the few Liberals who publicly questioned John Howard’s asylum seeker policies with one of Howard’s former acolytes will move the party back towards the political centre. By all accounts Georgiou is no angel, having been a ruthless operative within his own party, but publicly he has become the face of small-l liberal values for a party that likes to claim that it is a broad church. If the Liberals oust Georgiou they face the possibility of him running as a high profile independent at the next election, much like Peter King did in Wentworth in 2004. Josh Frydenberg does not have the public profile that Malcolm Turnbull had before entering parliament and could quite easily go down in history as the first person to lose Kooyong for the Liberals.

6 thoughts on “Stamping out decency.

  1. There could be some political ‘sense’ in the Liberals moving to oust their more moderate ‘small l’ liberals like Georgiou.

    The emergence of Kevin Rudd has left the Libs nowhere to go except to the far right and that does seem to be their only future. The tactic might be, “Let’s throw out the moderates and wait until the electorate swings back to our way of thinking”.

    Sophie for PM in 2020 may yet become a reality.

    (PS: Your Sophie Mirabella tag is sure to attract the attention of one Andrew Landeryou who scours the internet looking for any anti-Sophie posts. You might end up as his next ‘target’ like I did a few weeks ago. I wonder what angle he’d put on ‘Dave from Albury’. Hmmm, “Bolshie Boy from the Border”?

  2. sounds like a ‘spooner’ who wants his seat back. if the libs take in an elitist investment #anker who already lost once before and was told to go and find another seat then they deserve what’s coming to them. he is totally tarred with howard’s brown.

  3. I never understood why Georgiou would have a bar of the Libs anyway, I think the best thing is for him to either reconcile his ideological differences and run for a more socially liberal party OR do as Peter Andren did to the Nationals.
    Beat them in their own seat as an independant.

  4. What alburywodongaonline said. I’ve been thinking for a while now that Georgiou would be better off as an Independent. I think the Libs are going to go to the far right, regardless of whether the more “moderates” remain in the party or not.

  5. Unlike Sophie, Petro is a decent human being and one of the Liberals to actually have an increased swing in election night. I think a lot of people who voted for him a few months ago would be quite angry of the Libs did this.

    Bron’s right, Petro could win Kooyong as an independent, which is why the Libs would have to act soon.

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