By Brian, we’ve got him

The Australian blogosphere’s most unctuous bottom-feeder, Ray Dixon, has proved once and for all the maxim “if you sleep with imbeciles, you’ll get dribbled on”

Earlier today Ray Dixon “Outed” me as one Brian Limond.

The revelation raises several questions about blogging ethics. Leaving those aside, however, the most important question it raises is this: who is Brian Limond? Because it sure as hell ain’t me.

Several weeks ago I decided to test Ray Dixon’s oft-repeated claim that he’s not a malicious net-stalker by setting him up. I sent him an email from my Dave from Albury Gmail account, but changed my name to another fictitious one: Brian Limond.

The premise of my plan was that any decent, ethical person would ignore the name at the top of the screen and content himself with responding to the body of the email. If Dixon did this, it would go some way to demonstrating that he is indeed the unassuming “respected conservative commentator” he has claimed; if, however, he chose to focus primarily on my “identity” and threaten to reveal it, it would provide conclusive proof of what most people already suspected: he is full of shit.

I include the correspondence below, from which you can draw your own conclusions.






So, what have the events of the past couple of days taught us?

First, Ray Dixon is a malicious, unethical net-stalker who, in the absence of an ability to debate intelligently or in good faith, goes after the personal lives of his political opponents, and will swallow the most tenuous bit of bait — which any sane person would recognise immediately for a hoax — if he fancies it’ll give him some leverage.

In short, we’ve learned nothing we didn’t already know.

Game off.

Have a look right here for more background on this.

Update Psst… This is all satire. Sorry to those of you who didn’t know the back story and freaked out about it. Take a look at the background link just above and it all makes a lot more sense.

21 thoughts on “By Brian, we’ve got him

  1. I’m not sure who should sue you first, Me for your libel or Ant Rogenous & Iain Hall for your breach of copyright. Maybe we’ll take a class action.

  2. How dare you say this about that fine upstanding individual Ray Dixon. You’re just a typical left-wing sook “Dave from Albury” (or whoever you really are) and you’re not half the man you claim to be. Why, I’m more of a man than you and I’ve got the “balls” to prove it.

    And go on, just try to out me. Give it your best shot. Check my email address and see if you can track me down, you … blaggard!

  3. Hey Dave, totally off topic, but I saw your profile on an online motorbike site, and it said you owned a Ducati 695. I’m looking a the 695 vs the Suzuki SV600. What are your thoughts?

  4. Hi bluestherapy, It’s almost impossible for me to give an unbiased opinion on the SV600 because I love my 695 and I’ve never ridden the SV. The 695 does have some potential drawbacks, which I covered in this thread, but none of them are show stoppers.

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about the SV, but personally I wanted to see “Ducati” stencilled on the side of the tank, so there’s no way to compare.

  5. I think the real Brian Dave has gone to ground AWOL. Either that or he’s still recovering from his “Erotic Nights” out.

  6. Oh shit that didn’t work out, I’ll tyry again:

    I think the real Brian Dave has gone to ground AWOL. It’s either that or he’s still recovering from his “Erotic Nights” out.

  7. That’s better. Except I mispelt “try”. I’m having a bad day, it started with that phone call from “Red” Ted Baillieu. (I hope I spelt that right)

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