Home Improvement

Mrsdave has been suggesting for quite some time now that our lives and home would be enriched if there was a deck built outside the sliding door in our dining room. I, like any husband dealing with an idea of his wife’s, have been voicing my agreement while avoiding actually beginning this project for months now. Unfortunately my plans came unstuck a few weeks ago when my friend, Mick the Bastard, mentioned that he had a month off work coming up and that we should get the deck done as he was looking for a project.

So grudgingly I ordered a whole stack of timber to be delivered, cursed the fact that the trade bastards still seem to think it’s ok to quote prices ex-GST, started reading booklets about decks, and began sketching out plans. Thankfully before I could do too much work the weather intervened and left me with a Dale Kerrigan moment.


“I’ve dug another hole. It’s filling up with water.

6 thoughts on “Home Improvement

  1. I don’t like to be a wet blanket here Dave but ummm … do you have council approval for this? If not, that might be a good way of puttimg it off again.

  2. I tried that avenue. Albury City have a fairly liberal policy for dealing with small stuff like this, I downloaded the checklist from their site and this project passes without need of a DA.

  3. String’s nice as The Ed says in awe, but I can’t believe the BBQ is left out in the rain. Shame on you Dave. What kind of BLOKEY BLOKE are you?!

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