Random Thoughts

Just so you don’t think that I’ve died.

Hef wants Miley nude in Playboy. Please go away you rank, old, STD carrying grot.

Brendan Nelson is shocked and appalled at the “left wing agenda” in the budget, I’m shocked and appalled that no-one from his party has quietly told him it’s time to find a new job, or fall back on an old one (he used to be a Doctor you know).

Peter Costello is a petulant sook. However, we already knew that

Malcolm Turnbull has been saying that there’s no need for spending cuts but he’s also unhappy that there’s too much new spending. Make up your mind Malcolm, you’re looking dangerously similar to your leader. And by the way, I think that you’re the only person in Australia who’s shocked that the new government has reduced spending on ‘Howard Government Programs’ in favor of their own. Just in case you’d missed the memo, that’s what new governments do, it’s why everyone wants to win the elections rather than lose them.

9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Ha! Dave From Albury reads the Telegraph! And I thought you were an elitist snob!

    Any way, I’m off to become one of Carl Williams’ mates on Facebook…

  2. I was worried this was becoming a ghost site, yes Hugh Heffner is a vile old pimp isn’t he?, it’s a credit to his bodyguards that no one has shot the putrid old sleaze right through his pea sized heart or his lentil sized brain.

    I guess that’s the common thread in the post huh?

  3. It’s a nasty business quoting from any papers in the Murdoch stable. Lift your game.

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