Flying Solo

Mrsdave has just driven away from the Dave from Albury Compound leaving me, Buster Boy and the Troll Princess to our own devices until she returns on Sunday evening. This is the first extended period of time that I’ve been entrusted with the care of the tribe and it’s a little daunting. For starters, where the hell do I find a conch?

Update: 5.40pm The Troll Princess left a floater in the bath, what’s the go with that? That wasn’t in any of the parenting manuals!

14 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. Poor Piggy, the conch won’t help you; the Troll Princess will have you hunted and deposed by dinner – I suggest you try ‘duck and cover’.

  2. I suggest a road-trip to Bright. Take the Dave From Albury Blog Variety Hour on the road!

    I’d offer assistance but we are off to Sydney in search of the perfect pram.

  3. Mrsdave has taken the Audi, so I won’t be doing any road tripping. In fact my car is so full of junk that I’m not entirely sure how I’ll fit the two car seats in there.

  4. 10 bucks say’s you either visit Mick, Lou visits or the Troll Princess ends up on Ebay.

  5. Nobody reads the Trading Post anymore. Try Craiglist; they’d be keen to get one up on Ebay.

  6. Mrsdave has just driven away from the Dave from Albury Compound leaving me

    I’m not surprised Dave, firstly with the revelation of your Scottish double-life and then your binge-drinking, bar-crawling, windsor tie antics in the sleazy Dean Street strip. I’m just glad she got the Audi.

  7. Don’t blame the Troll Princess, she probably just thought it was a fart. Everyone knows farts in the bath are hilarious (except when they turn out to be a floater instead). At least she’s got plenty of fibre in her diet!

  8. My question is –
    Why did you even bother bathing the troll princess? She doesn’t need one until the night before Mrsdave arrives home? …… Now THAT is smart solo parenting…..

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