Parenting is easy.

It’s been a little over three hours since Mrsdave left for her extended weekend away in Bleak City and thus far things are going great. Buster Boy has reacted very positively to having free run of our DVD collection, at first I thought that 28 Days Later might contain some themes that went over the head of a four year old, but it is amazing how much he was able to comprehend. He spent almost an hour after the movie happily playing by himself, barricading the doors.

The Troll Princess wasn’t particularly interested in the movie, which is understandable for a two and a half year old, so I gave her some water soluble paints and left her in her bedroom so that she wouldn’t inadvertently mess up any of my stuff. She’s still calling out every few minutes so she must be OK.

I really don’t know why I was so concerned about doing this without Mrsdave’s help, it’s a breeze.

4 thoughts on “Parenting is easy.

  1. Ah, 28 Days Later, what a corker of a movie. I’m still bitter about the pathetic followup 28 Weeks Later. Why cant the yanks do a decent zombie thriller?

  2. Not only are the yanks incapable of making a proper zombie thriller, they’re not even capable of watching a good one when it’s made, hence the split ending for 28 Days Later that we saw (yank ending then British ending).

  3. I only recall the happy ending with jets flying over the happy couple plus taxi drivers daughter as they unfurled their gigantic “Hello”. Of course, this wouldn’t be because the version I watched was downloaded, because as we all know that would be wrong(tm) and I’m certainly not one to associate with that class of people!

  4. I don’t know how to break this to you, but that’s the US cut.
    That piece of footage appears in the Australian version but at its conclusion there is a message which says “But what if?”. At that point you are taken back to the escape from the military guys and then get to watch the original (British) ending which is much more bleak.

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