Away from home for a moment

This headline had me spitting coffee on my laptop. I’m not sure why she had to tap him, but I guess that as a piece of public policy work it’s newsworthy.

Strangely enough I couldn’t work up a lot of sympathy over this crime report. Although I think it would have been much more newsworthy if the thieves had stolen his stupid salad bowl that the neo-con nutbags gave him.

I can’t believe that Tania Zaetta is the biggest story coming out of Afghanistan at the moment. Has anyone asked her if she slept with Osama bin Laden? I think it’s fair to say that Youtube will have the last word on whether this story is true or not.

And in Albury glassing people at the pub hasn’t lost any of its recent popularity. When did this become cool? Glassing people is a low act which should be strictly reserved for kiddy fiddlers and young Liberals, guys who hit girls are scum, but glassing two girls marks you out as the bacteria that lives on the scum. And as for the bouncers who let him leave rather than kicking the snot out of him and calling the cops, what’s wrong with you? No ‘roids this week to help make you brave?

8 thoughts on “Away from home for a moment

  1. That’s the problem with Albury, you don’t think big. We here in Wagga export all of our Glassers.

  2. Let’s face it, the Tania story is funny … and probably true. “Bollywood bimbo bonks boys in the barracks” – love it.

  3. OK well, you covered a lot of issues, I’ll condense my responses.

    1. Obviously Ms Gillard has a different definition of the term “tap” than the rest of the internet.

    2. suck sh*t little Johnny, even if the robbers had carted your entire house off on the back of a semi-truck they still wouldn’t have taken as much from you as you have from the Australian people but at least you know what it feels like to be ripped off.

    3. Tania Zaetta? c’mon, who wouldn’t? tell me you’re going to knock her back court marshall, dishonourale discharge or no. C’mon that kind of smoo is worth facign a firing squad at dawn over.

    4.remove glass receptacles from licenced venues as a requisite of obtaining a liquor licence. It sounds like an admission of defeat but it’s the ONLY way we are going to see a reduction in this kind of violent attack.
    Sure make penalties stiffer but the main attack against this kind of violence has GOT to be in the form of reducing the potential for it to occur in the first instance.

  4. you know I heard a reliable account about Angry Anderson, that having consumed a full bottle of scotch he mounted a table, produced his penis and loudly extoled the virtues of drinking alcohol. This was all in public in front of many witnesses.

    Shortly afterwards he became a spokesperson AGAINST binge drinking.

    Man of great integrity that….NART!

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