Still no casualties

Friday morning and everything continues to run smoothly despite the absence of Mrsdave from the compound. Apart from the Troll Princess’s little indiscretion last night, dinner, baths and bed time went quite well. I also learnt a few new things about parenting.

Firstly, kids will eat a Mexican pizza with extra jalapeños if there’s nothing else on offer, anyone who tells you different is a parent who doesn’t understand discipline or a liar. It only takes nine or ten minutes for them to start getting used to the burn and stop crying and then they’re good to go.

Secondly, should some jalapeño seeds inadvertently end up near the kids eyes they will be quite keen to get into the bath, avoiding the confrontations that sometimes occur over this activity.

Thirdly, corn flakes prepared the night before and left in the fridge for your four year old to retrieve are still palatable and are a great way to get an extra hour of sleep in. The pre prepared toast wasn’t such a hit so Buster Boy and I will be having lessons on how to use the toaster today.

The only thing troubling me at the moment is that we seem to be running out of clean plates and there’s stuff spread everywhere throughout the house. I’ll check the yellow pages later today to see if I can find someone to sort that out.

4 thoughts on “Still no casualties

  1. Use paper plates until Marge gets back.

    I learnt from parenting that you won’t die from touching someone else’s poo. Not too many practical implications for that bit of knowledge but a lesson learnt all the same.

  2. Lee beat me to it. Have you not seen the episode of the Simpsons where Marge goes to Rancho Relaxo? You’ll be wearing Mrsdave’s wedding dress by tomorrow, and the Troll Princess can be found on top of the Donut Shop (or in Albury’s case, the Cheesecake Shop).

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