3 thoughts on “Eurovision 08

  1. Caught the show from Finland’s performance onwards. I though Iceland should have done better, the song seemed to be of the sort that should appeal, and Norway’s entry was pretty good too, (and nice on the eyes). Thank you Latvia for the pirates and keeping up the tradition of novelty Eurovision songs, whereas the Spanish guy needs to be smothered with his Elvis wig.

    Loved Terry Wogan’s commentary as always, and also loved the Swedish guy trying to give the scores while apparently on something he didn’t get on prescription. With Eurovision, the entertainment isn’t just in the music!

  2. Terry was in fine form, although sounded a little wistful at the end as whether he’d bother next year. They really need to do something about the voting.

    When Iceland started I turned to Mrsdave and said that I felt like we’d all been Rickrolled. Latvia certainly won the award for most busty, but the song reminded me of a pirate song on one of Buster Boy’s Postman PAt DVDs; not a winner.

    Agree wholeheartedly about Spain.

  3. Re the voting, perhaps they could make it a rule that you can’t vote for a country that you share a border with. England might even get some votes then!

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