Damn you SBS

A hat tip to Lee for alerting me to this disappointing news. It seems that SBS decided that rather than employing anyone who bothered to go through their stupid audition process for the Australian version of Top Gear, they’d just employ existing media tarts and a race driver. Poor form SBS you took the soft option.

So it seems that Australia will be denied the opportunity to see Dave from Albury, Lee and Alex thrashing cars that we can’t afford to buy and hanging shit on one another. In light of this news I’m actually quite glad that we didn’t spend the time it would have taken to put together an audition tape.

5 thoughts on “Damn you SBS

  1. I thought that our reputations would have preceded us. Perhaps they are keeping us in mind for a ‘The Panel’ style show, set in a pub or coffee house and filmed during business hours (yours, not mine) and instead of talking about current affairs, we would just be taking the piss out of passers-by… or Alex. The critics will admire our ability to gloss over the fact that we are blind to our own short comings and that our self interest and arrogance has a particular charm that is worth tuning in for. Men will laugh, women will swoon. Let me know if you receive a call.

  2. SBS are poorer for not taking us on. We’d be fucking hilarious in my opinion. I thought the drive to Tumut (you remember Dave, the one where we discovered how big a soft cock behind the wheel you are) was our audition for Top Gear!

    Lets just pitch an alternate show to Channel Ten – they love throwing cash at non-rating programs.

  3. We could have characters. You could be the funny one that always goes to far; I could be the one that laughs too much at your jokes and then explains why they were funny to Alex, and Al could be the James May character. And as the show becomes more popular they will release dolls in our likeness, not unlike Star Wars action figures, or in Al’s case, Mr Potato Head.

    See people, it is this champagne comedy that SBS is missing out on. Maybe we should get managers…

  4. This has been discussed many a time already – it was determined at the Tumut drive that Dave doesn’t actually know how to drive, and his interpretation is not particularly fast. However he is witty as fuck and is kinda small, so he has the Richard Hammond role covered (also has crashed much more spectacularly than the rest of us).

    Lee talks like…well…James…and has this habit of talking about the boring shit that the average person wouldn’t particularly care about. He really is James in a tall balding sri lankian body.

    I like yelling at people while I drive, come across as a bit of a wanker at times, polarise people with my opinions and consider myself pretty witty (if others don’t totally get me). I have the Jeremy role covered…

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