36 thoughts on “You know it’s time for a haircut…

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  2. Looks like you must have received your latest bank statement then?

    Be like me, Dave, just call them up and tell them they’re still bastards.

    Regards, JR

  3. I’m not sure it’s possible to look too much like Wolverine, provided of course you can back it up by healing instantaneously and making knives come out of your knuckles at will.

  4. Just having another look at that photo Dave I think you really should go for the No 1 job when you finally get that haircut. It would add … well, years.

  5. The problem with short hair cuts Ray, is that they emphasise the large areas above my temples where there is no hair. The only way to avoid this balding look is to go with something like Robert Smith from The Cure used to favour.

  6. You mean the Pater Garrett look? No one knows if Garrett is really bald because he’s kept it shaved since his twenties. Not a bad strategy. Alternatively there’s always …. Advanced Hair Studios (yeah, yeah).

  7. That’s what Dave wants, hi-jackers – he’s just sick of those boycotts. Cheers Bron, hope you had a good one and got off your face too.

  8. Let’s be honest Bron, like most bloggers I’m a page count whore, you and Ray can treat this post as your own personal chat room as far as I’m concerned.

  9. wow… you look like absolute shit, and much older than usual. How dare you post something like that in public. Dave you are no longer my brother.

  10. So Dave, 9 days & 32 comments later, have you finally had that haircut yet? If so, another photo perhaps so we can all compare “before & after”? It could be another caption contest.

  11. Oh, I want to see it Dave – on you! So does Grods.

    Btw, it’s rather versatile. Just the thing for : robbing banks, terror attacks and surprise visits on the Border Mail office.

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