I think I bent my pancreas

I have never claimed to be an elite sportsman. In fact, I’ve never even claimed to be particularly fit. It’s been about a decade since I took part in any organised sport and I was certainly never more than an enthusiastic participant. Which is why I’m sitting on the couch tonight experiencing a type of pain and soreness that I am completely unfamiliar with.It started out innocently enough, a friend rang today to ask if I wanted to go along to an organised game of frisbee this evening and I, without really considering what that would entail, agreed to go. Now when I hear the word frisbee, I think about mainly relaxed goofing off, which I think is entirely reasonable. What I didn’t think of was this.

It’s called Ultimate Frisbee and while our game wasn’t as skilful or athletic as that clip, running after a frisbee for over an hour just about killed me.

I’m going again next week.

Update: I’m not sure why the video isn’t working. Look on Youtube for ultimate frisbee and laugh at the thought of me running around.

Update 2: Video should be working again.

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