This weekend Albury once again hosted the Australian Games Expo and I took the opportunity to go along with Mrsdave on Saturday and with Buster Boy on Sunday.

In short, it was a fantastic event. The range of games available goes so far beyond the mainstream stuff you expect to find on the shelf at a department store that it needs to be seen to be believed. The quality and the detail of these games is quite astounding, as well as the strategy required to play many of them. Best of all, the exhibitors were all incredibly helpful and all of the games were available to be played.

A lot of the games come from Europe, with the most prominent still being Settlers of Catan, along with its expansions and sequels. Mrsdave and I settled on one of the sequels, Elasund, as well as a card game called Munchkin, which looks like it will go exceptionally well with beer. For Buster Boy we found a racing car game called Monza, which I also think might find its way to the table once BB is safely asleep.

If the crowd there this weekend is any guide this won’t be the last Australian Games Expo in Albury, adding another compelling reason, along with Rutherglen’s Winery Walkabout, to visit this part of the world during the June long weekend. In the mean time, it’s worth looking for independent game stores to see how far board games have come since Trivial Pursuit was the hottest game for grown-ups.

8 thoughts on “Games

  1. I thought strip-poker and “let’s put the car keys in the bowl” were the hottest games for grown-ups? They are out at Wandi.

  2. Shouldn’t that be “remove the balls …”?

    Btw, I just noticed that Rambler V8 ad in the photo I put in my previous comment. Whatever happened to those cars?

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