The Tele does it again

That bastion of truth and proud defender of hard hitting investigative journalism, The Daily Telegraph, has once again shown why newspaper circulation is in decline throughout Australia. Today’s bold piece uncovers the Rudd Government’s Un-Australianess, with evidence that it used a stock photo on the cover of a housing affordability report which, shock horror, was not of an Australian family.

Is this it? Is this the best that they can come up with? A public servant picked a $55 stock image for the cover of a report and the Government has been “busted”? What is in the water coolers at News Ltd? Let’s not forget the fact that only two thousand copies of this document were distributed anyway, hardly a massive PR campaign like, oh, I dunno, Workchoices.

But it gets better, the image that the Tele used to show Kevin Rudd’s “Twisted” report cover is actually from an advertisement the New Zealand Government ran for this year’s budget.

So who’s busted now?

The media has an important responsibility to hold both sides of politics accountable, but nonsense like this is of no credit to our forth estate.

2 thoughts on “The Tele does it again

  1. Not to mention the cost associated with a government employee tracking down the family, scheduling the appointment, doing the background checks, hiring a photographer, choosing which photo to use, etc… Probably a bit more than three hours work and a much greater costs to Jo Taxpayer than $55. I’m obviously missing the point about crap journalism, but really, can the voting public really be expected to keep their eye on the ball with this kind of blinkered reporting? How about a companion piece on the merits of the Rudd Government slashing costs whereas the previous government, concerned more with looks than substance, would have paid models to pose (see any number of ridiculously expensive propaganda films).

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