The Border Mail hates blogging #3

The Border Mail’s brilliantly uninformed Brad Worrall has used some valuable column inches to once again sledge the bloggers from this area, this week labelling us ‘cyber bullies’.

To be fair to Brad, he hasn’t specifically labelled King Valley Watchdog, Alpine Opinion, Albury Wodonga Online or I, because once again he hasn’t had the guts to actually name any of ‘sensitive, very angry’ bloggers who ‘have unleashed a blog and email tirade’. Perhaps this type of ‘journalism’, where you make unsubstantiated claims about a group of people without specifically identifying any of them, is the type of thing that Brad learnt in ‘Journalism 101’.

I’m beginning to suspect that the bloggers Bradley is referring to are figments of his imagination. Brad Worrall needs to put up or shut up, name the blogs and bloggers that supposedly offend his journalistic sensibilities and give examples of the articles, or he should aplogise for making unqualified attacks on people expressing their opinions in an ethical and open manner.

Brad also needs to work a bit harder at developing opinions if the best he can come up with to fill his page is a fight with some imaginary people. Perhaps instead of a concocted war with the blogosphere, Brad could do a piece complaining about email spam to show how technologically astute he is.

5 thoughts on “The Border Mail hates blogging #3

  1. well now there’s a theory, we’re all assuming Brad is talking about us, perhaps he’s talking about some OTHER local bloggers only HE can see.
    I believe with the right treatment and medication, conditions like that can be properly managed.

  2. It’s such a riveting column too. One of the other ‘stories’ is about how some of our local conservative politicians are celebrating ‘milestones’ this year. Apparently Brad thinks it’s both a ‘milestone’ and a news strory that Ken Jasper turned 70 last week and that in the month October Bill Sykes will turn 60 and Sophie Mirabella will be 40. Shit … !!! … they’re all having birthdays in the same year, what a coincidence!

  3. Maybe he is referring to Keiran Bennet of the late Wodonga Online Times criticising the loss of quality of the Boder Mail website when Fairfax took over.

    I quote Keiren:

    The newspaper’s archives have been decimated, broken links abound. Readers of the Border Mail, welcome to fairfax country. But apparently the Border Mail is getting a blog or two, on the sidebar we find a link to the rarely updated and (from a Border point of view) totally irrelevant National Comment blog. The other “local” blog offering, Your Say, reports that:

    Sorry, the entries in this blog are currently unavailable.

    Sound familiar to current posts?

  4. I doubt it Greg. Kieran’s jibe at the BM that you’ve quoted is nearly six months old. Since then Brad has had a go at WOT over the Wodonga Mayor post (written by Jack @ AWOL) and, in response to legal threats, Kieran closed the site and Jack then started up AWOL.

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