25 thoughts on “I bought a Space Pen

  1. Yes, it’ll be all in the reading, I’m sure. Just don’t make it too wobbly or we’ll all have a good laugh.

  2. It just occurred to me that we should all do a “Dave” and put our purchases up on our blogs, a sort of “show & tell”. So next time we go to the supermarket I might lay all the shopping items out on the kitchen bench and photograph them. Then you can critique my food choices.

  3. The “show & tell” blog is actually a good idea Dave (and it’s not new). One of the most popular websites ever (I’ve forgotten the name) was set up by some average bloke in the US who would simply post his Wal-Mart shopping dockets after every shopping trip.

    He made no comments and gave them no headlines. But the hits and other comments went through the roof. People started analysing what the purchases said about him. They even noted he seemed to have a penchant for a particular check-out girl. And one time his credit card was rejected so he had to pay cash – and the docket recorded this – which sent the comments & hits into outer space.

    Can you tell it’s a bit of a no-news day Dave? Why am I raving on about this? I think I’ll go outside and do some work.

  4. Dave, there is another device that can write in zero gravity, it’s called a pencil and unlike that thing it doesn’t represent around a billion dollars wasted on some government contract junket.

  5. Hey Dave,

    The news story currently running about the tacker found roaming Albury streets at night swigging alcohol doesn’t somehow involve Buster Boy and MrsDave’s recent holiday, now, does it?

    And WHY did you *buy* a Space Pen, instead of swiping a Bic from work? I’m with MrsDave on this one.

    Miss A

  6. Miss A, not all of us work in a taxpayer funded, socialist paradise where office supplies are ripe for the picking.

    I can also confirm that Buster Boy has not featured in any news reports in the last 72 hours.

  7. Perhaps you should have saved your money so you could shell out for a better haircut next time around?

  8. I seem to recall a photo of you (at least I think it was you; I’ve never researched it) and a particularly scared beanie; perhaps Ray would like to see that one?

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