Back in 2001 I bought a black Peugeot 206 GTi, it was the first new car I’d ever owned and one which gave me a great deal of delight. Sadly, my little Pug, Wendy, didn’t make it far beyond her third birthday as I ploughed her into the back of a stationary Sigma while entering the freeway in Wodonga on my way home one night (Why was the Sigma sitting still in the merging lane of a freeway? We’ll never truly know).

I bring you this little piece of history because a few days ago Mrsdave pointed at a pile that had been accumulating items for some time and demanded that I sort it out. In that pile I found a business card from Bob Jane T-Marts with prices for tyres written on the back. The tyre size was the same one that Wendy took, so the card was about four years old, which is why I had a giggle when I turned the card over and saw the name written on it.

Corey Worthington

There’s a tyre salesman somewhere in Australia who’s copped a lot of shit from his mates this year.

13 thoughts on “Famous

  1. I’m not sure what’s funnier (or sadder), a tyre salesman with the same name as Australia’s most famous party boy or naming your car “Wendy”.

  2. It was a South Park thing. Wendy Testeburger looked fairly sweet and innocent, but was actually a nasty piece of work, it seemed an apt enough name for the Pug.

  3. Dave, I’ve owned several cars over my lifetime to date, but I’ve always understood that they are inert objects made of steel, alloy & plastic. I’ve not once found they respond better by being spoken to in a friendly manner and hence I’ve never felt the urge to give one a name.

  4. Just as we can tell from Dave’s purchase of a space pen that he is a man that plans for the future, we can tell, Ray, that by not seeing the personality in your car, you are a man with a lack of imagination and passion (or simply that you don’t have enough spare time on your hands like Dave). The cars develop a personality because we come to rely upon them and so they obtain a favourable moniker, or as in the case of my Sigma that had an awful habit of stalling on the entrance to freeways, a not so favourable moniker.

  5. Not all cars have names though Ray. My present conveyance is much less… well it’s actually less everything compared to Wendy, and it hasn’t earned a moniker beyond its brand name. Mrsdave’s Audi, on the other hand, has been named appropriately.

    Lee, I think you meant in the case of my Sigma Stigma.

  6. Tempting though it may be Dave (personally I have a severe aversion to Sigmas), don’t blame the Sigma. I’ve owned plenty of cars with personality, but I’ve never managed to anthropomorphize them sufficiently to come up with a name beyond their brand and/or model. I’m pleased to say that I now own one of the most bland brands, the humble Kia, which is utterly dull and totally dependable.

  7. It’s OK lemmiwinks, I don’t have a Sigma to blame anything for, although by memory Lee had two, followed by an even more appalling Magna. The Stigma is his and his alone.

  8. The Stigma was a good car, that is, until it unexpectedly self-destructed an hour out of Tamworth, and a lot better than the Magna that followed it.

    To myself, the red car is known as Ally; whereas I haven’t yet settled on a name for the family car (having not spent that much time in it) but I am leaning towards it being a man and of German decent (not Adolf or Ralf).

  9. Dave , I hope that Sigma you rear-ended was totalled. The less on the road the better.

    PS: Lee, not giving a name to your car is not an indication of a lack of imagination. On the contrary, I “imagine” naming all kinds of things – like East Albury, which I think should be renamed “Euro Albury” in recognition of the high level of luxury car ownership in the area.

  10. The Sigma that I hit would never have been driven again. Sadly neither was the Pug. We have more than our fair share of domestic cars in East Albury too Ray, mostly built before the introduction of unleaded petrol I might add.

  11. Ray, I concede the point. A good argument in that it not only makes a valid defence, it also takes a swipe at Dave which should always be encouraged and congratulated.

  12. Actually, if we’re Euro Albury, is that anything like Euro Disney? That’s make more sense as were pretty much a replica of Albury but no-one ever visits here because they’re put off by our arrogance high class ways.

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