RIP George Carlin

I don’t remember when I first heard George Carlin, but I do remember how amazing his anti-establishment rhetoric sounded. I think it sometimes takes someone like Carlin, who is willing to shock the hell out of us, to deliver the messages we need to hear. I wonder who will take his mantle and be willing to loudly proclaim their take of the truth, no matter how unpalatable it may be.

George Carlin spent his entire career pointing out the inconsistencies, lies and failings of those in power, I hope that his message is not lost and that we all try to remember to question those who manage our lives.

This clip contains plenty of offensive language, enjoy it.

9 thoughts on “RIP George Carlin

  1. We don’t need any of this crap in Oz. We’ve got our messiah leading the way. Good on yah, Kevin, I’m right behind ya.

  2. Nice video.

    I like your blog but your posts and subjects are a bit random. I don’t mind checking for new posts and finding stuff like this, but finding nothing new or that you bought a pen isn’t great.

  3. ha ha ha pwned Dave.
    Yes, it’s very sad about George Carlin.
    He was a very funny man, I’m sure he’ll offer an insightful and witty critique of the afterlife too.

    He should have some good material worked out by the time I get there, I look forward to seeing him live…or after-live as the case may be.

  4. Perhaps it says something about your readership that there are many more comments on your ‘pen’ post than on this one.
    If there is a God, and Carlin is at the pearly gates, I wonder whether God would turn him away for all of the blasphemous things he has said over the years for profit, or whether he’d pat him on the back and say “I wish I could have said that; they have turned out fuckin’ stupid haven’t they, George”.

  5. Carlin said that he was a Catholic right up until he reached the age of reason.

    I think that a blasphemous, anti-religious man like George Carlin, who spoke out against greed and inequality, would be welcomed through the pearly gates before many of the hateful, spiteful people that try to clothe themselves in the name of God. Anyone who believes in God, but is unable to see the failings of organised religion is, in my opinion, a danger to themselves. The unquestioning believers are the ones who are taken advantage of, whose lives are destroyed by get rich quick schemes and cults which claim to be christian organisations.

    Don’t get me wrong, the mainstream churches, including the one I pay some allegiance to, are by no means blameless institutions. I will, however, argue that they are not in the same league as fringe churches that we have seen exposed on 4 Corners recently, or the prosperity churches, when it comes to exploiting the needy.

    I think that the root of Carlin’s arguments were always about power. George attempted to speak truth to power wherever it emanated from, and so the Church was as valid a target to him as the government or big business. I think that same philosophy is what drives comedians like John Stewart and Steven Colbert, it’s a little disturbing though that comedians seem to be the only people in our society who will take on this vital role. It seems that Lear’s fool is still the only person on the stage who can openly say what’s really happening.

  6. The stats don’t lie Ray, the Space Pen is far more popular than anything else I’ve written lately. By comparison, my piece on dishonesty by the Daily Telegraph got fewer than half as many views and only two comments.

    I can’t argue with BBK’s assessment of my posting schedule being random, but that’s easily overcome by using an RSS reader and subscribing using the links on the front page.

  7. It’s amazing what becomes popular Dave. My post last year on Luana De Faveri’s beer can crushung act (with her boobs & buttocks) went ballistic world-wide with over 10,000 hits. Everyone was looking for photos of her and there weren’t any. But I found one (fully clothed) on a British newspaper site and posted it. That’s why it made no 3 for Word Press for the month. Gee I was proud!

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