Speaking from both sides of your mouth

When a conservative politician tells you that they’re concerned about the underprivileged, or people adversely affected by the budget don’t believe them for a second.

CHARITY workers again face being stripped of their family tax payments after the Opposition blocked budget legislation containing changes to salary-sacrificing laws.

Given the choice between helping people or using the last week of their Senate majority to frustrate the government, it should surprise no-one that the Coalition went with the latter option.

Don’t believe a single word from these weasels when they claim to care about “ordinary Australians”, they don’t give a shit about anyone. They don’t give a fuck about social equality, they don’t care if pensioners freeze or if carers starve, they’d rather throw tantrums about being kicked out of office than do anything to ensure people’s welfare.

So next time you see a clip of Brendan ‘Emo Man’ Nelson pleading for the welfare of one section of the community or another, just remember that his colleagues would throw them all under a bus if they thought they could get away with it.

Update: Unsurprisingly, this story doesn’t appear to be getting a run at all on news.com.au or The Australian’s web site.

8 thoughts on “Speaking from both sides of your mouth

  1. One minor point of correction there Dave, they do care about someone, themselves, very, very much. If they were any more self centred they’d implode and become some kind of black hole.

    The trouble at the moment is that scumbag pricks like Iemma are shitting on the people of NSW in general by selling off infrastructure that people clearly don’t want sold and generally procrastinating instead of fixing serious problems. I can’t stand the Liberals, but even I’m starting to loathe Iemma, he and his mates are giving the impression that they couldn’t organise a pissup in a brewery.

  2. They could organise a piss up in a brewery; it would just be a private party for which we would not be on the guest list but for which we would have paid for.

  3. Correction noted.

    You are both right about NSW Labor. I think that if the right wing Liberals had any sense Brogdon would have become Premier, but they simply couldn’t stand not running the show. Now we’re all paying for it.

  4. You’re right about the problems that the right wing is causing the state Libs. It should also be noted that, generally speaking, no-one knows who the opposition are. I’m surprised that enough people know whom O’Farrell is to vote for him in a poll. Chances are the question could have said “Who is your preferred Premier: Iemma or absolutely anyone else?”

    The Libs do not present a viable alternative because all we hear from them is whinging about what the government has done, or what the ministers are up to. Federal Labour also had this problem until the Gillard started coming to the fore and the Coalition put the spotlight on Swan and Abbott introduced Roxon. That, along with the celebrity names allowed Labour to look like a team rather than one guy. So until the state Libs demonstrate that they have a viable alternatives for the ministry, Labour can get away with murder.

    Perhaps Turnbull is right in sending the likes of Hockey to the rescue – it will save the party but I’m not so sure about the state. I wonder if Costello would like a run as Premier of Victoria?

  5. Don’t believe a single word from these weasels when they claim to care about “ordinary Australians”, they don’t give a shit about anyone. They don’t give a fuck about social equality ….

    Well said George Dave.

  6. The ousted co-allition senate majority has hardly left a favourable impression on the Australian voting public have they?

    I suspect quite a few voters around Australia will be saying “never ever again” to the prospect of voting Liberal in either the house or the senate.

    Good bloody riddance.

    They look like getting their arses handed to them on a plate in the West Australian state election too.
    Voters there will be able to decide based on the prospect of a three word statement, namely “premier Troy Buswell”.
    It’s enough to drive Andrew Bolt to vote ALP…almost.

  7. Yeah, it’s a damn shame that Brogden got shafted. I liked him (despite his being a Liberal) but the likes of the far right faction of the Liberal Party couldn’t bear the thought of him (Alex Hawke being the prick who “leaked” the comments Broggers made about Carr’s wife… and now he’s in a safe Liberal seat. Good news is, there are some Liberal moderates who don’t want the likes of Hawke in their party and will be seeking to have him shafted one day. Good luck to them!).

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