The Border Mail Loves Blogging

In an ironic twist, the Border Mail’s Saturday opinion writer who happily took a swipe at Border bloggers for being sensitive to criticism and lacking in ethics, has today scored a front page article with the inspiring story of a local blogger who is documenting his battle with cancer as he approaches his final days.

The blogger, as all three regular readers of this blog will know, is Greg Naylor who writes the King Valley Watchdog. Congratulations to Greg for having his story spread more widely. His honest, reflective posts about his feelings in this difficult time have been compelling reading.

I met Greg a few years ago when he offered me some old Macs, which I had requested on Freecycle. Greg wasn’t content just to share stuff that he had in his shed, he also insisted that we have a cuppa, and he was generously ambivalent to the usual manic behaviour of Buster Boy and the Troll Princess as they tore around in his home. I have no doubt that he’s an excellent grandfather, having seen the patience that he had with the children of a stranger, and it’s sad that his grandkids will be losing him so soon.

It was some time later that I discovered his blog and I’ve always been interested to see Greg’s ideas poured out with honesty and careful thought, the antithesis of my blog really. Greg’s decision to share his journey has given me, and I’m sure many other readers, an opportunity to reflect on some pretty big issues.

I’m not sure what all of Greg’s goals in life were, but from reading his blog I know that he is finishing without regret, however I do know that he has positively touched many people’s lives and I believe that for that he should be commended.

16 thoughts on “The Border Mail Loves Blogging

  1. Did he have a beard then Greg?

    And Dave, I’m glad to see you actually took my advice and bought the Border Mail for once. It helps to stay in touch with what the plebs are doing (you know, those poor folk who don’t own Audis & penthouses … and Ducatis & Macs).

    Btw, Brad wrote a great story about a unique individual. Well written here too Dave. Cheers.

  2. I’m pretty sure I would have had a beard Ray as it’s been a feature pretty much since the Troll Princess was born. Speaking of the Audi, I’m sure it was quite a sight seeing it crawl through the paddock below Greg’s place on the way to the shed, it was much more at home yesterday in the snow at Falls Creek.

  3. It looked bloody great fully packed with Macs that I didn’t need. BTW, the rest are still there if you want them Dave – option 2 = the tip

  4. Snow at Falls Creek!!! Hotham too!!! Oh what a dilemma they’d be facing at Hotham – “Cripes boys, it looks like we’ll have to open up after all. Anyone got a credit card so we can pay the staff?”

  5. well I guess that’s as close to a retraction as we are going to get from Bradley.

    Way to get the sympathy angle going there Greg, now how are you going to break it to him that the whole thing was a hoax?

  6. Btw Dave, you’re spending so much time at Falls lately I have to ask if you’ve got an apartment there too?

    Gee, a mansion in Eoro Albury, a penthouse in Centro Albury, a chalet at Falls and a castle in Glasgow! And you claim to be left wing!

  7. Ray, I’m the declared cynic in this blogging deal so don’t pick on my mate Brad. Not only was the interview conducted with dignity, the editor gave me the power of veto by reading the story over the phone to me before publication. That is unusual for the press.

    Jack, the man showed total professionalism. He never once referred to the recent blogging attack. Of course, I was wary that there might have been an ‘angle’ there but it never surfaced. I guess I wasn’t one of those he referred to.

    I sure got the sympathy vote with an extra 150 hits for the day and an all time high.

  8. You’re working for the Resort? Shame. It could be worse, you could be working for the lift company owned by MFS/Octaviar and forced to join the list of creditors to get paid.

    Greg, I spoke to Brad the weekend before last when he called to get my opinion on a local tourism event (Audax). He quoted me in the paper too, as he often does. Iasked him about the blogger thing and he admitted it was mainly about Borderline. I’m not sure why he didn’t just say that in the paper, but I can assure you there’s no animosity towards him from me. The ‘furore’ was a ‘storm in a teacup’ but one that was worth playing up I believe – for the principle involved.

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