A touch of class

Do you see that header up the top of the page? How cool is that? Dave from Albury’s Weblog now has a professionally designed, custom header image, bringing the total number of professional things on this blog to one.

A huge thanks to JR from JR Digital Art, who offered his services to pretty up the blog. Now go look at his amazing artwork and allow me to bask in his reflected glory with my JR original.

12 thoughts on “A touch of class

  1. I’m jealous. Unfortunately the WP template I use doesn’t take a banner. Maybe one day. Meanwhile, shouldn’t that read ‘as smooth as a latte’?

  2. A disability allowance for the shiny gene would only compound the effects AWOL.

    Ray, I’d love to set up a blog where we paid a bounty for photos of right wing jerks like Andrew Bolt, Piers Ackerman and Brendan Nelson drinking lattes and chardonnay. I know it’s petty, but there’s something satisfying about holding these gloating fools up to ridicule that warms the cockles of my bleeding heart.

  3. Ray, I can show you how to place a banner that overrides your template. It actually is read in on every post. It uses the html function of position:absolute. If you want to try it, let me know. You could even hijack Dave’s or Jack’s. Now wouldn’t that cause a stir 😉

  4. A sort of Landeryou from the other side Dave? You could call it “the cheek”, seeing as though his is called “the other cheek”.

    Greg, sounds a bit technical for me but I’m willing to try. Dave can keep his ‘beans’ and AWOL his Murray River though, I’ve got a few good shots of hillbillies for mine.

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