I’ve been really sick this week. Too sick even to complain about the fact that it costs almost a hundred dollars to see a GP and fill a prescription.

Too sick to post about the visit we had from a Police Detective the other day, or the fact that he, four of his mates and a forensics van were up the street all day.

Too sick to complain about media hacks and stupid lynch mobs in Queensland who are unable to see that their actions undermine dealing with the paedophile they say they detest.

Too sick to properly finish this post off.

Update: Too sick to proof read the post before hitting submit.

11 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Join the club, Dave. My mechanic thinks he’s doctor now. It appears y car needs a heart transplant and all he can say is he’s booked out for at least a month.

    About the visitors, are your neighbours getting suspicious?

    One thing though, hope you get better soon.

    Sincere regards, JR

  2. Everyone got a visit JR, apparently there was an assault up the road, but I must admit that I’m a little sceptical. I can’t imagine five plain clothes officers being dispatched to an assault, let alone five detectives.

  3. Dave … you been reading my blog stats?
    Looking for the sympathy vote?
    Ya got mine buddy.
    Get well really quick – it ain’t fun on a permanent basis! 😉

  4. Dave, hope you’re feeling better soon, and from a purely selfish perspective, I hope you’re at least not contagious by the 26th.

    Four dicks and a forensics van?!? whatever they were after it’s big, resources like that don’t get allocated for trivial matters, have you seen how difficult it is to get a forensic investigator around here?

    Ask your neighbours, they are more likely to know (assuming you didn’t get a clue from the questions the detective was asking).

    Dave if you have vertigo you might have a middle ear infection, nasty and potentially dangerous. You got it looked at right?

    Greg, if your stats have gone up, I’d say it has more to do with your blog getting a front-page shot in the arm than with the sympathy vote.

    The truly ghoulish would be out sight-seeing at traffic accidents (or forensic investigation scenes like Dave was when he was pretending to be sick) not reading your blog.

  5. This is all the more reason to move to Bright. The biggest crime we’ve had in the entire 12 years I’ve lived here has been the theft of a few garden gnomes (and the pricks who stole one of my outdoor table & chairs settings). Assault, rape & murder are unheard of. Although over in Myrtleford … whoa!

    Look, just do it, sell up and move to Bright where there are no broadband problems either (the ADSL works just fine). Help us out because, according to our Chamber of Commerce, eveyone here is about to go bankrupt.

    (Btw, wanna buy a recently modernised 2 bedroom apartment?)

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