BMW are full of crap.

I love cars. I love driving them, I love reading about them, I think that they are one of the most impressive things in the modern age. What I don’t like are the marketing tossers who work for car companies who are mostly stupid, or liars, or both.

Today it’s BMW who’ve pissed me off as they are claiming that their new X6 is the world’s first 4WD coupe. Just one small problem with that, they’re completely and utterly wrong. In fact back in the mid 80s, over twenty years ago, Subaru sold a 4WD coupe in Australia called the Vortex and they’ve sold a succession of 4WD coupes ever since.

The BMW marketing droids deserve a slap in the face for peddling such nonsense and Automotive writers who slavishly accept car companies word as gospel so that they can keep their seat on the gravy train need to be slapped twice as hard.

25 thoughts on “BMW are full of crap.

  1. Nice to see you back on deck, Dave.

    But, hey, these are desperate time and call for desperate measures, even lies will suffice when your market share is slipping.

    About the only one not slipping is Toymota (pun intended). I can remember everyone in the Oz motor industry ROTFL when they predicted becoming numero uno all around the globe.

  2. Yeah welcome back Dave, glad to learn you’re still with the living. Looking forward to the 26th at MILAWA (not Wang as Jack tried to misleadingly state!)

    I remember the Vortex. I was actually the Finance Manager for a large dealership when it came out – what a piece of rubbish!

    Anyway the Vortex was indeed a coupe, albeit a crappy & dangerous one . Coupe being a 2-door car as I understand it. But were Subaru’s subsequent 4WD passenger vehicles in fact ‘sedans’ not coupes?

    Dunno, I’m not a car freak and my 5 years or so in that industry were only rewarding in one respect – financially!

    Although I used to own a lovely 1984 VH Commodore SL/E with that superb 4.2 litre V8 engine at one stage. More guts than an Audi – and just as luxurious.

    (Oh, I also bought my ex-wife a series of Alfa Romeos – she was a petrol head!)

  3. The Subaru SVX was a 4WD coupe and there was a WRX Impreza coupe in the mid 90’s too. In addition to that Audi made a Quattro Coupe in the 90’s too. It’s just an example of lazy journalism and the usual car industry bullshit.

  4. I know little to nothing about bicycles Ray.

    AWOL, I doubt that Subaru would sue, they’ll just come up with their own nonsense in turn, it’s the frustrating way the car industry works.

  5. I saw two ‘older’ ladies in Bright recently getting into the cycling kick. I was amazed to see how well they were travelling, uphill … without pedalling! Until I realised they both had these little electric motors attached to their bicycles. Kind of defeats the purpose, although it’s environmentally friendly I guess. (How much carbon output is produced from manufacturing bicycles and electric motors though?)

  6. The reason that the ‘older ladies’ appeared so at ease may be that it is like sex, once you learn how to do it – you never forger 😀

  7. BMW’s hands are steeped in blood because of their work for the Nazis and the use of slave labor.

  8. Perhaps BMW’s defence lies in the pathetic, industry developed term, ‘all wheel drive’ as opposed to ‘four wheel drive’; the latter is meant to mean silly vehicles with raised suspension. I don’t know which company still produces 3 wheel drive vehicles to warrant the different terms, but I’m sure BMW will claim to be the worlds first when they do.

  9. Lee, I suspect you are right. However, considering the X5, which this new vehicle is based on, has the off-road ability of a Ford Anglia with flat tyres, I think that to claim this new variation somehow sits along side Land Cruisers and Patrols is also an exercise in utter bullshit.

  10. They have terms for those too: SUV versus off road vehicle.

    I’m beginning to have an issue with the snob factor associated with owning a ‘real’ 4wd such as a Land Cruiser or a Patrol. Although these vehicles certainly have the potential for serious off-roading, I really doubt that there is a significant percentage that actually see road that an X5, Q7 or Range Rover couldn’t handle. Aren’t we talking about different degrees of the same egotistical bs? If your name isn’t Mal and your brother isn’t Mike, then why do you need to own any 4wd?

    Before we continue, are there any commentators on this blog that have a 4wd (raised suspension)?

  11. I have far more tolerance for vehicles with real off road ability, that are used in that fashion, than I do for any of the SUV show ponies. Vehicles like the X5, Q7, Hummer H3 and Mercedes M-Class are just resource sinks for fashion victims, they are a worst of everything solution, neither being a capable off-road vehicle or a good on-road vehicle.

  12. But isn’t a vehicle with real off road ability that is not used off road anymore than the SUV could be, just the same sort of show pony? At least the Europeans are making some concession to on road driving comfort (although never being as good as a lower car).

  13. Yes and people who own four wheel drives because they think they’re too cool cool to own a station wagon need to get in the slap line with the marketing people and the lazy journos.

  14. Yeah guys, I own a 4WD that is for real. It’s an old, ancient Daihatsu Rocky (Cab-Tray 4 cylinder diesel) and its seen some pretty rugged use whilst I have been photographing along the entire lengths of the Snowy and Murrumbidgee Rivers.

    Over 300,000 Ks on the clock and getting a little tired now. Looking for a second hand motor to drop into it at the moment. Help, anyone?

  15. See, what JR has done makes sense; right car for the right job. Sorry that I can’t help you on the moter front, but wouldn’t mind swapping my office for your rivers, though.

  16. I’d be amazed if any of the poser mobiles could cover terrain that the Rocky is capable of.

    I think that the European manufacturers could make excellent off-road vehicles if they wanted to, but the reality is that neither they or their customers are remotely interested.

  17. Right on there, Dave. Unless it’s got a slush box (with a multitude of whizz-bang modes), and all the other supa dupa bells and whistles, plus whisper quiet climate control AC, it’s not impressive.

    As for decent ground clearance and no need to to worry about scratching the old rust bucket, who needs it?

  18. Correct me if I’m wrong people, but I think the Porsche runs on 4WD and it came out waaaay ahead of BMW’s X6 coupe, right?
    As for 4x4s, I have here sitting in my garage a stainless-type post-WW2 Willy’s Jeep. (
    Don’t ask me about it’s history, you’ll never believe the stories of where and what it went through.

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