Who’s dumber?

Who’s the bigger idiot in this instance, the sign writer who wrote it or the client who accepted it?


I think that either way the sign writer gets a bonus stupid for putting their name to it, and also one for their super random capitalisation efforts.

17 thoughts on “Who’s dumber?

  1. I reckon you were a bit p’d off, Dave, because the lights were green and this dickhead was a bit slow off the mark. Were you late for your liquid lunch appointment?

  2. I worked a whole day today, so no liquid lunch. I don’t know how people manage it. I actually followed him until he got a red light so that I could take a photo.

    Besides which, I was driving the Spazda, so there’s no chance of getting away from the lights in a hurry anyway.

  3. So did you “honk”? What would the driver do, pull over and give you a side of beef?

    It’s sort-of like that other rear-window sticker “honk if you’re horny”.

  4. I like how he settles for being just the better butcher, not the best.

    If he went with best, the money he saved on paying per letter could have been spent on a ‘ and an E.

  5. you should get a big fat red texta and correct those mistakes, give him a mark out of ten at the bottom and maybe a sad face 😦 and an encouraging “you’ll do better next time”.

  6. Actually guys, I think the big red texta idea is ingenious.

    Hello, Hyundai, are you reading this? Pass this onto your marketing gurus.

    Every new Hyundai will come equipped with a big red texta in the glove box to “correct” signage “stuff-ups” on vehicles, because Hyundai owners are intelligent.

    I know this cos Ray drives one.

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