Well that solves everything

It turns out that BMW marketing aren’t the only people in their trade who are full of crap, Hyundai’s getting in on the deal too. According to the RACV’s Royal Auto magazine,

“Hyundai has also addressed one of the messier issues associated with owning a diesel: each car comes with a pair of latex free vinyl gloves to keep hands clean during refuelling.”

Brilliant! This should see Hyundai diesels walking out the door. Let’s not get caught up in the fact that in Australia the high cost of diesel, coupled with the premium you pay for a diesel model of a car, completely outweighs the efficiency gains over petrol, let’s just focus on the mess.

There is a problem here though, once you’ve filled your car from the oily, messy diesel bowser and removed your complementary vinyl gloves, where do you put the now filthy gloves? Perhaps Hyundai need to go one step further and offer a free carry bag for storing dirty gloves in? Then once you’ve got your bag you’ll need to keep it somewhere that’s accessible, so that you can refuel your tractor diesel car when it’s fully loaded. Perhaps Hyundai therefore need to build a dirty glove bag holder into the driver’s door of all of their diesel cars? I’m not sure that the marketing people realised how broadly their idea could affect the company, but I have no doubt that a ‘can do’ company like Hyundai will rise to meet the challenges laid down by their marketing drones.

There is one final problem involved with refuelling and vinyl gloves though. Who really wants to go to their local service station looking like this?


Hat tip to JR for the story from the RACV.

46 thoughts on “Well that solves everything

  1. Well Dave’s offered you $400 and … oh, this getting over-the-top. See what happens Dave, when you DELIBERATELY put a picture of a wench beautiful female up on your blog? You did it for the comments traffic, didn’t you?

  2. I think that in my haste I forgot to put inverted commas in my last comment, it sounded like you two were in a negotiation. So let me try that again.

    Bron: “I would have stayed for two hundred.”
    Ray: “I would have paid four…”

    (Cue theme music from Pretty Woman)

  3. I never knew a bloody motor car could evoke so much lust. And here I was, thinking about getting from point A to point B.

    Add a pair of “latex free” gloves into the mix and WOW!

  4. I think Bron just upped that tension to breaking point, Dave, with her last comment. Gee it’s hot over here, how’s the weather in Albury today?

  5. What does it say when an article about a Hyundai can create so much ‘heat’? Who would have thought that Hyundai’s could inspire sexual references… maybe it’s like a foot fetish? Interestingly the post on BMW’s only received comments about cars and Euro wankers. If the two companies are reading this blog, one is seriously rethinking its’ marketing strategy and the other is considering a field trip to S. Korea to get some inspiration!

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