Space Pen fixed.

I’m sure that you’ll all be glad to hear that I’ve managed to get the cap off my Space Pen and it has resumed regular duties. Finally, it took a combination of boiling water and pliers to remove the jammed cap and my Space Pen has a few battle scars to show for the encounter.

On the up side, I’ve found that there’s a Titanium Space Pen available, so this might be a perfect excuse for an upgrade.

7 thoughts on “Space Pen fixed.

  1. Oh yeah, they used the sound bite. I particularly liked it when you said, “And to think, only last week I was offered $2.5 million for it. I reckon it’s lost a bit of value now.”

  2. I am nothing more than a glorified mechanic lemmiwinks, the pen now has an industrial chic that befits that. Of course it’s now completely inappropriate for social outings now, much like wearing one’s steel cap boots to a wedding, so I’m becoming more and more certain that I’ll need the titanium covered Space Pen.

    Thankyou for your kind offer to fix the pen without inflicting the type of damage that I wrought upon it, but the three block walk to the post office seemed insurmountable.

  3. A timely reminder vis-à-vis steel toe boots and weddings. That could have been an embarrassing faux pas tomorrow to be sure.

    I understand completely Dave, I sincerely doubt I could have been arsed if the situation were reversed, but I had to at least offer.

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